We can NEVER Lose our true, everlasting Mind


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“Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5; New King James Bible (NKJV).   

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (Chapter 2 Timothy 1:7  (NKJV).

“For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.  For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” (Romans 8:5-6; NKJV).   


         Just as our human ancestors experienced physical bodies that tended to grow older with time, so do those of us here, in the present times, appear to have temporary, earthly bodies.  Over the years, however, these material body-forms that we occupy seem to ‘wear out’ (lose both mass and utility) as what we term ‘aging’ occurs.  Most of us expect this process of physical aging, so it’s easy to give in to the belief that our mind is aging right along with the rest of our material bodies.  Yet, the thing we erroneously identity as our ‘mind’ is really far beyond our understanding of what a ‘mind’ is; for that which we call our mind is really a consciousness awareness of all that exists, both in and out of the physical sense of things. 

         It’s important that all seekers after spiritual truth should perceive, or understand, that spiritual truth is the only truth that exists, anywhere, or anytime. There’s no other truth of being.  There’s only Reality in spiritual truth.  Centuries will come and go, but material truth does not exist as a reality.  It has no power to extend itself beyond its own false belief.  Only spiritual truth exists as a reality that lives eternally. 

         The whole dream-state of material-reality is the Adam-dream, not the truth of our being.  Sleeping humanity only finds God’s Truth and Reality by realizing that the whole physical sense of being is a state of self-deception.  God has no imperfect creation, anywhere.  Life in matter finds no such perfection in materiality.  Materiality is ‘man’s invention’ not God’s Reality.  Our earthly experience is not our truth of being; rather, it is a collective dream-state from which we all need to awaken.

         Christ Jesus came into the collective dream-state more than two thousand years ago, to spiritually-awaken all sleepers.  But Christ Jesus didn’t stay here after his resurrection.  Once he showed that life has no end in our true, spiritual Home, he left all who followed his teachings to find their own way Home…their own spiritual awakening.  We must recognize that a conscious awareness of ‘mind’ as a spiritual thing has no relationship to the material symbol of what a ‘mind’ is.  Our true Mind has no material substance whatsoever.  It is conscious awareness of all the REALLY exists.

         Our true Consciousness is our full realization of all creation and all that is in it.  This innate consciousness exists above and beyond our physical sense of awareness.  This greater, innate consciousness is our spiritual consciousness…that conscious awareness of being that belongs to everyone, everywhere, despite all our ignorance of it.  In other words, this ever-present mentality (our true Mind) is, in fact, the Christ Consciousness that many Christians, and others, recognize as a higher sense of conscious awareness and the truth of all being.    

         Now, this deeper consciousness is never a finite, physical, or material thing, for there is no such thing as a physical, material thing.  Matter has no real substance in God’s spiritual creation.  Our One and Only true Mind is often termed, the Christ Consciousness, because it is the spiritual mind that was expressed by Christ Jesus, which Paul the Apostle preached throughout the ancient world.  (See biblical Book of Acts, New Testament; King James/&New King James Bibles).  This mind that was in Christ Jesus is the universal mind which sleeps within everyone’s memory banks until we individually awaken to its presence.

         It was through the understanding of this universal mind that the disciples were learning to heal the sick, and every material thing that was needing to be fixed, or brought back to wholeness into the physical sense of things.  The physical sense of things is known only to the false sense of matter, and it only seems real to each one’s own, individual false sense of matter. 

         In God’s spiritual creation, there are no finite, material laws to know.  Matter as physical substance does not exist in God’s perfect creation.  God has no contenders.  In God’s creation, only good exists.  The divine spiritual creation of good has no other side to it, despite all the false, material beliefs of evil, like sickness, hate, death, that try to claim to be real substance.  Spirit, alone, is Substance.

         The Bible tells us, “…ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32; King James Bible; (KJV).  That means that finding the truth of existence makes us free of anything, or anyone, who might try to enslave us, or harm us, or bind us up in any way.  What is that great Truth?  That God is the only Power, or Life, that exists in God’s creation, of which we already “live, move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28;( KJV).   We always live in God’s, forever-creation, or Home, safe and sound for eternity.  But, in this collective, material sense of things, we don’t perceive that we’re already Home.

         For example:  God has never allowed anything in all creation to harm, for even a second, divine Love’s children (off-spring).  But, because we don’t perceive God’s invisible presence, we turn our back to the infinite Presence of God and wait for our deliverance from the false sense of sickness, fears, and woes, when one mental turn toward God in a time of seeming evil, can dissolve the material threat in a heartbeat.  

         In the finite, material sense of things, we seem to get sick and die.  Yet, nothing in God’s forever creation has ever died.  We are divine Love’s own children, never born to die.  That’s what ever-lasting means.  After the moment of physical death seems to separate us from our loved ones, those who have ‘died’ materially still exist beyond the realm of matter or the flesh.  We’ll find our loved ones again.  It’s just that once they’ve left the material scene, we can’t perceive them in a material form anymore, because we’re in a different dimension from them.  Our material form was never our true body, for our everlasting, true body is spiritual in essence, not material.

         We’ll find our loved ones again when we ‘pass over’ the same bridge that they’ve already passed.  The only reason we mourn our loved ones who have passed away is that we don’t know if they’re OK or not.  But the everlasting children of God are always OK’; for they were always God’s spiritual children, (never children of matter to begin with).

         This material sense of existence is kind of like children dressing up for Halloween, with scary costumes and frightening masks covering their real identities.  The masks and costumes can only hide their real selves…but the costumes never become their real selves.  God’s perfect, harmonious creation is like that: always with us, despite our own false sense of it, safe and sound in God’s forever creation, where no evil situation is allowed to enter.  In God’s ever-present creation, we are always safe and sound, even when we seem to be in some material realm of evil.

 Here’s an example, I’ve written of before, which uncovers what seems to be a hidden reality beyond our human view, or perception of things:

         Several year ago, my husband and I were traveling, by car, down a major highway, when another automobile came down a cloverleaf road from above, missed the sharp turn and literally leaped into the air, right over a hill, toward our car.  My husband tried to slow down, or speed up, in order to avoid the collision, but the car was still airborne, and coming right to my car door.  I didn’t even have time to pray…I just closed my eyes and said, “God.”

         People who saw the event couldn’t believe what happened next.  The car, sailing through the air, right toward me, seemed to pause, come to a pause in the air, and landed, perfectly parallel to me, missing our car by about 3 inches.  Next, a police car was right there, but no one had called the police yet, and we were told by the police people (a man and a woman) that we should leave the scene immediately.  I tried to give the police our name, and see if the people were OK in the other car, but the female officer came to me and actually whispered in my ear, “You are not to be here. Go quickly, now, and don’t look back.”

         I didn’t understand that.  I wanted to check to see if the couple in the other car was OK, but my husband told me not to argue with the police.  So we left.  My husband wouldn’t talk about it for a couple hours, but it turned out he didn’t know what happened either.  He couldn’t figure out how the police could be there, almost before the event occurred.  The car coming right at me had turned from me, in mid-air, while it was still many feet off the ground.  And the two police officers didn’t seem to act like police people.  No questions, no accident report, and even the two individuals in the sailing car were all right…no injuries.

         Now, several years later, my husband and I both still feel that there was something surreal about the two police individuals…almost like actors, rather than real police.  But since that time, I’ve had other “near misses” from danger that came toward me and then suddenly turned away.

         I rarely write about my surreal episodes.  People do not believe spiritual adventures.  So, everything I write on this website, as well as hundreds of articles I’ve printed elsewhere makes me sure that these healing articles were meant for the future, as well as the present.  As I’ve said, I used to keep all my really spiritual adventures private, but now I’m in my seventies and I think I’m supposed to keep writing whatever comes to me, until that voice within me tells me to stop.

         The purpose of this article, however, is to tell people that we all live and move and have our being in the Infinite Mind of God.  Living in this infinite Mind, no part of God’s infinite Intelligence will ever be taken from us.  No forgetfulness can really be hidden so deep in our subconscious that it can’t come out. 

         So, don’t accept the false belief that our physical minds can be damaged in any way, for there is no such thing as a physical mind.  That’s just a world belief.   Our true Mind, our forever conscious awareness of every good thing in God’s creation is the Christ Consciousness that dwells within our own, spiritual consciousness, never to be taken away.  This God-mind connection cannot be broken, nor even injured from time; nor is forgetfulness a possibility of our true, spiritual Mind—the universal Christ Consciousness.

         So, claim this spiritual consciousness that dwells within us all, whenever you’re tempted to believe you are losing your ‘mind’, or that your mind is becoming weak in some other way.  No one has a ‘weak’ mind, for no one really has a material mind.  Mind is a spiritual thing only, and the only Mind that exists belongs to God, within whom all creation resides, throughout all eternity.