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Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”  (Proverbs 3:5-6; King James Bible Version (KJV)

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:3; (KJV).

“I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.”  (Ezekiel 21:27; (KJV).   


         Despite the many ways and times that the biblical record of humanity attempts to educate us to the infinite Intelligence of our God-Source, humanity still doesn’t seem to get it.  Instead, people often believe that God is something mythical and whose existence is  questionable, at best.  Using only the five, physical senses of perception, (without any hint of our deeper, spiritual consciousness) many individuals still actually believe that we each have only a separate, individual ‘mind’, with no connection to God, Spirit, nor any mental connection to anything, or anyone else, in creation. 

         Yet, the infinite Intelligence, or Mind of God, exists within our own deeper level of consciousness.  This innate, spiritual consciousness is often referred to as ‘the Christ Consciousness’ because it fulfills the biblical directive, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”: (Philippians 2:5; (KJV).

         Although undetected by the five, physical ‘senses’, the universal Christ Consciousness is the true mind of everyone.  It exists on our spiritual level of existence and includes, within itself, all truth and knowledge of the Almighty.  Our collective Christ Consciousness is alive and well, existing forever in the spiritual realm, which perceives reality beyond the limited, perception of the physical senses. 

         It is the Christ Consciousness which brings us to our Oneness with God.  And as the infinite Spirit we call God exists in the spiritual realm, so, too, does the universal Christ Consciousness of all Truth and Reality exist in the spiritual level of perception, even when we do not detect its presence with the physical senses.  In other words, our shared Christ Consciousness is our Oneness with God.  And, even though we do not perceive ‘God with us’ with our material senses, this divine Presence is still invisibly present and known to our spiritual, Christ Consciousness.

         Mentally assuming that our God-Source is out of range because we don’t perceive it materially, we often live our daily lives in this material experience as if we are on a planet of orphans, abandoned and waiting to die.  We believe we have been left all alone in our own, tiny ‘minds’ and finite bodies, as well as connected only to our own tiny human families, leaving our God-Source completely out of our day-to-day thinking or remembrance.

         The erroneous belief that a fleshly, temporary material form of matter is what constitutes a ‘mind’ is the error we must mentally out-grow.  We must soon comprehend the spiritual nature of existence and awaken to the spiritual creatures we actually are.  For, there is only one, true mind or complete-intelligence in all creation; and that infinite mentality and consciousness is the Divine Mind we call God, in which all life actually exists. 

         Now, this infinite, spiritual Intelligence of God encompasses all that exists.  In fact, the Bible tells us that within this all-encompassing Spirit (God)  we should “seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.”  (See Acts 17: 27-28; KJV.)   These words clearly declare that we are not only connected to God; but, like it or not, we can’t break that ever-lasting connection!  Why?  Because we are each and all an actual part of that infinite Spirit that IS God.  That’s why we are called the ‘offspring’ of God.

         Until a few rays of spiritual light dawns in our thinking, however, this material sense of existence will continue to seem like (as one poet once said:) “One damn thing after another.”  Life, without any spiritual sense to lift us up to behold ‘new visions’ of reality, leaves us nowhere.  Instead, life without a sense of God’s invisible, spiritual presence, leaves us only wishing for good to come our way, rather than realizing that our God-ordained good of all needful things has always been with us, to bring forth into the material scene, whatever and whenever we need it.  That fact exists because we’re already in the only place we shall ever be: in the kingdom of God—we just don’t recognize the place because our material perception has hidden it from view.  (That is, it is hidden to material perception, but perceived only by our spiritual remembrance.) 

         Now, while still under the false belief of finite, material being, awakening to the memory of our spiritual Home comes to mind only now and then, in bits and pieces.  Yet, the knowledge of God’s invisible ever-presence is still of extreme importance to each and every one of us.  Why? because the divine realm of God, called Heaven or Harmony, has all the good there IS.  And in this human experience, we need all the ‘good’ to which we are entitled.

         Nothing material stays good for very long…nothing material lasts.  But whatever ‘good’ comes from God cannot be erased.  For example, take our need for a new chair.  When an old material chair becomes useless one day, the spiritual concept behind ‘chair’ will still exist within our spiritual consciousness forever, to be recreated whenever we want a material chair, in endless variety.  Thus, we see that the real ‘chair’ we have, for eternity, is the spiritual concept of chair, not the materialization of the idea, ‘chair.’  As long as we have the spiritual idea in our spiritual consciousness, we can ‘materialize’ a chair out of almost whatever we want.  This is the way in which God fills our human needs.  First we have the concepts we need from God, then the way will come that shows us how to materialize (bring or construct into material form) the thing we need while in this human experience.

         So, do not  forget this: whatever material thing we need in this human experience must come from a concept of God’s Mind.  And all of God’s concepts are good and useful, but never destructive. 

         Because of our Oneness with God, we have, within our universal Christ Consciousness, all concepts from God forever; so, even humanly, we can keep ‘creating’ chair, after chair, because the spiritual concept behind the physical form is a thing (from God) that lasts forever.  Therefore, we can never be without a chair, because we will always remember ‘chair’ as a concept.  We always know how to  materialize (or build) a chair from the God-given idea of a chair.  But the underlying concept of chair is spiritual, not material.

         The Creator has created every good thing out of the substance of Spirit, not matter; so every God-concept ever perceived by Spirit lasts forever.  For example, the concept of ‘chair’ will exist forever, in endless variety.  Yet, the material form of ‘chair’ will not last forever, for it is only the symbol of God’s everlasting concept of a ‘chair’.

          So, here’s something to ponder and realize:  the divine creation (often called ‘heaven’ or ‘harmony’) is an everlasting mental place…it is not a finite, material place.  God has created every good, useful thing, (concept,) but it is a spiritually mental, not material, concept.  All the things we need, here in this human experience, are still in material forms.  So, our needs are met in finite, physical forms.  Yet, the physical forms are merely ‘copies’ of the true substance of things.  We, ourselves, turn the concepts of God into the finite, material things we need.

         Whatever we could ever want or need, in or out of the human condition, comes from some concept in the divine Mind.  But we are given God’s concepts to use in this human experience, and turn them into finite forms, because we can only detect material forms.  We, ourselves, turn God’s concepts into finite, material forms, because our false sense of reality is material, rather than spiritual, and this material sense of reality perceives only through the five, physical senses.  Those of us still in this temporary, material sense of reality haven’t, as yet, awakened to everlasting spiritual reality, so we need the physical forms.

         But since God’s ‘things’ are spiritual in nature, rather than material, this means that our needs are fulfilled out of the mentally spiritual realm of divine Spirit (God).  This also means that the physical things we need won’t (usually) just ‘pop out’ of the air and land in our hands.  Rather, when turning to the divine Mind for the material things we need in this human experience, the divine Mind shows us the WAY to have them come into the our human life experience.  Then we convert the spiritually perfect concepts into temporary, material things so they are useful to us on this mental level of materiality.

         The things we need may come as a sudden, new idea, or someone will call us, or we’ll remember something we forgot.  Whatever its appearance, it will fill the need.  But make no mistake; all our needful things are from Spirit’s eternal storehouse, so to speak.  We have invented nothing of ourselves.  We have only materialized it.

         Here’s another example (I’ve written of before): 

Many years ago, as a young mother, I was a stay-at-home mom.  My husband had a good job, but times were tough for awhile, and I didn’t have any extra cash to do any sewing or shopping.  Like many young mothers, it seemed like I would have to get a job to help with our family finances; but that would mean that most of the money I made would go to daycare expenses.  Frustrated, I turned to the divine Mind for help.  (That means that I sat down and thought about God as our Source of all good things.)  I really believed in that truth, so I just asked the divine Mind to help me with the cash-poor dilemma.  I thought that the existence of money was a ‘good’ thing, so I asked God to help me solve my problem of no-cash. 

         Later that day, a new thought came to me:  I remembered reading about a new activity called ‘garage sales’ that was catching on in the neighborhoods.  I decided that this thought must have come from God, so I followed it.  By the end of the week, I had gathered together several things to try selling at a Saturday garage sale.  That Saturday I made enough money to run the household for the week!  But that’s not all. 

         Since our basement had an outside door, I realized that people could come in and out from the basement door, without going into the rest of the house.  After that first garage sale, my husband put up some shelves in the basement that I could use to store things for other Saturday sales.  For several weeks after that, I had a sale and made money. 

          Soon, it came to my thought to go around to other garage sales when they closed, to see if anyone would like me to haul away whatever items hadn’t sold on their sale.  I didn’t charge people to haul things away; but I could keep whatever I hauled away for my own future garage sales.  Soon, I was in a Saturday garage business every week, selling all kinds of discarded items I had picked up at those other garage sales,  For more than three years, I never needed cash again.  But after those three years, our city council stopped people, like me, who held garage sales each week, or we had to pay the city a fee or ticket.  But by then, we were moving to a new house, so I just stopped my small business.

         Looking back on that experience, I realize that had I never prayed for God to show me some way to make a bit of money, I’d have continued to be cash-poor.  But once my eyes were open to God as the Source of all my good, I never forgot it.  Even today, I remind myself that because God is the Source of whatever good things people need, we can never really lack any good thing,  Divine Love always has what we need, and never withholds it.  Whatever ideas come to our thought are the concepts we need to move forward.

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