The Disease You Never Had    
September 2006

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     “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59: 19, second part).

      “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2: 5 to :).

     “If the son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” (John 8: 36).

     God, the infinite Intelligence of the universe, is the only Source of being to every identity; and this divine Intelligence is the origin of every good and useful thing created. This infinite Intelligence is Spirit; and Spirit’s one and only Law is the law of love. Love is the basis of all law and action in the spiritual universe of God’s creating, because only love keeps out all destruction, allowing God’s kingdom, including all that dwells within, to be everlasting. This everlasting (eternal) kingdom, being the only real kingdom, has no where to go, since it is omnipresent (everywhere present). It competes with no other kingdom. There is, in actuality, no other kingdom but God’s spiritual kingdom present anywhere, in any dimension. There are no other individual identities in any other place, but the here and now, which we erroneously perceive to be material, but which is really spiritual in nature, substance and law.

     Yet, in this human ‘condition’, we dwell in a faulty, materially-mental state of mind where all law and substance seems to be physical, instead of spiritual. We collect our evidence from the five physical senses, which take no spiritual cognizance of reality, but perceive only the world of form, external to us. Yet, in teaching the multitudes that the kingdom of God is ever-present, all-powerful, and the only truth to know, Christ Jesus uttered these words of divine Truth for all of us here: “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Last line of Luke 17: 21). Jesus was showing us where to find our consciousness of the kingdom of Heaven. It is within our inner, spiritual selves—within the true Mind of all creation.

     Believing in all that had manifested externally in this seeming-material place, world thought believed it was Jesus who was delusional, not humanity. A material mind was all that most of humanity could perceive. Yet, material beliefs have never cancelled, altered, nor interfered with the truth of this statement. The kingdom of God, divine harmony, is within us still—to be called upon at any time, to deliver us from any and all material threats to our well-being which are produced by our false, physical sense of being. In other words, spiritual enlightenment (not upheld by anything in the externalized world of material form) will overcome the discords of the world, which we believed to be present, just seconds ago. The world of form will transform to pattern the divine, as soon as the higher, spiritual perception operates in thought. This is what spiritual healing is.

     We are citizens of this kingdom of God. We have the rights of citizenship. God has established these divine, spiritual rights for us eternally. At any time, we can turn to the divine presence within, this Christ Consciousness, and find God and our citizenship in the divine harmony; and in finding God as that still voice within, we are also delivered from our destructions. Why? We are saved from whatever denies God’s loving and harmonious control of all, because this truer, spiritual consciousness is the point of our Oneness with God, Itself. Somewhere we must have a connection to our divine origin and Source, and this is where it is—in consciousness. This divine Consciousness includes all identities within Itself. This is where we really ”live and move and have our being” (First line, Acts 17: 28) within God. It is the spiritual presence of the Christ Consciousness, our true, universal Mind, dwelling right in the place where the delusional, material mentality seems to be our mind, but is not.

     Our human consciousness is filled with mis-information; our Christ Consciousness is filled with all spiritual truth. When Jesus said, “The prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in me,” (2nd line, John 14: 30) he was telling us that the collective world belief of material existence would come to his thought, and find nothing in the universal, Christ Mind to accept material belief. Being is, and always was, spiritual. Only spiritual law governs our spiritual being. This greater Mind within, this spiritually perceptive consciousness that dwells within each of us, is never deceived, fooled, mesmerized, betrayed or misled by the false, material beliefs and suggestions of destruction that are experienced on this plane of thought.

     This physical state of perception, (which we all still accept and believe to some degree, or we wouldn’t still appear to be ‘in the flesh’) is an altered state of mind and a lowered state of perception. It is well to begin adding spiritual perception to our assessment of things, because our deeply held beliefs are the only real cause of the life experience we’re having in this materially-mental plane of thought. What we deeply believe about life, our bodies, health, and identity, we tend to manifest into physical, and even behavioral, form. Oh, it’s not our own beliefs that we tend to manifest; that is, we didn’t originate the name and condition of some disease, or law of destruction. It’s our acceptance of world thought and beliefs in material law as power over us which brings the ‘ills of the flesh’ and other destructive situations into our daily lives. We’ve been taught to accept the so-called wisdom of the collective world thought without much question or challenge. We’ve been taught to accept the material condition as life, and possibly the only life, when Life is spiritual.

     From the time we make our entry into this human experience, we listen to the beliefs and demands of our parents and other elders. We do this because our memory is wiped clean of spiritual truth, as we take on a “new” human identity, and forget, for the duration, our true, spiritual identity. Conventional, world beliefs become our teachers and guides. In fact, when, as children, we follow our own, inner, feelings about something, we’re often rebuked for our disobedience to the adult-world wisdom. So, as we grow, most of us are trained to ignore our inner, spiritual voice, and, instead, look for every “expert” on material living we can find in the world, to guide us in what decisions to make—only to find, years later, that the so-called collective wisdom has changed, and now we are to discard whatever we earlier received and believed from it.

     World beliefs can bring us into all kinds of trouble, because their base is grounded in the basic belief of good and evil powers. We treat the physical universe as a place divided by these two powers, and we act accordingly. But we can be easily misled as to the mental, root cause of discords and afflictions.

     Here’s a healing I’ve written of before. (For much greater detail on this healing, see my November 2004 article entitled, “The Paradox of Spiritual Healing”). I present a shorter version of that experience here, emphasizing how the universal Christ identity really represents our Sonship and Daughtership to God, and its importance in healing:

     In my late twenties and early thirties, I suffered from what is called agoraphobia. It was evidenced by sudden panic attacks, which came over me for no conscious reason at all. (It’s akin to other phobia conditions.) Now, this was a great evil in my life, so I tried to get rid of it. After all, if disease, (even mental disease) is an evil power, written into the very nature of the universe, then one must get rid of all the evil that attaches to one’s body, mind, or other part of our human experience.

     For ten, long years, I tried to get rid of this mental aberration that I thought was attached to me. I thought something was wrong with my mind, because there was no explanation for these panic spells. I believed human wisdom which said it was a sub-conscious belief, hiding in my own mind. So I looked up everything I could find on ‘agoraphobia’ to try to explain this unknown or hidden, sub-conscious fear that seemed to menace me with panic attacks, especially when I was around other people. The belief varied: one train of thought connected this mental condition to writings from ancient Greece. Sudden panic attacks in public were said to be a ‘fear of the marketplace’, or fear of crowds. Other theories said it was an unconscious fear, eluding our memory so we wouldn’t be too traumatized. Looking for the cause of a phobia is a waste of time.

     My way to freedom happened in an instant. It happened when I turned to the Christ Consciousness within, and asked for the spiritual truth to be revealed to me. Over the years, I’d had many physical healings by depending upon the truth of spiritual being (which came to my thought when I turned to God); so, I felt that a mental disease should be no exception. I asked for God’s delivering truth, and, most importantly, I trusted that God’s love for me would deliver it from within.

     It did. I was healed that very day, just as soon as I perceived the fact that I was trying to heal a material mind of some ailment or mental disease, when in fact I’d never had a material mind to heal. A material mind is a myth; Mind is spiritual. My true, spiritual mind is the Christ-Mind within, and this truer, awakened mentality could never believe in a sub-conscious fear to begin with. In God’s kingdom of Love, there is never anything to fear. Thus, a fear could never really belong to me, whether a conscious fear or an unconscious fear. My real Mind knew too much spiritual truth to believe in evil; thus, the universal Christ Consciousness, at the center of everyone’s inner being, never has a fear of any evil. In God’s heavenly, harmonious universe of eternal Love, health and wholeness, there is only safety and eternal harmony to be known. My higher, spiritual Self knew this, the voice within said.

     Realization flooded my thought, and I truly saw that no fear, whether hidden or in the forefront of my thought, really belonged to me. It was the false sense of self that sensed something to fear in the outer world of form; yet, life is in the infinite Spirit we call God. It came to me to see the nothingness of this material claim about my mind and me. When any panic came, I was directed to remember that it wasn’t my panic; it was the panic of a false sense of existence, which had nothing to do with me. My mind and my inner knowledge of well-being were intact. I was a citizen of the kingdom of God only, where fear, itself, makes no sense.

     While driving, that day, I felt panic arise, so I pulled over to just let it come. I wasn’t going to react to it. I knew it didn’t belong to me, because I belonged to God and God’s kingdom. That episode never materialized in full panic. That was the last of my relationship with agoraphobia. For a few months, now and then, I felt like a panic episode might be trying to take me over; but as soon as I felt uneasy, I realized that it wasn’t my uneasiness. I had humanly stopped fearing agoraphobia and sudden panic. Even though the false, material sense of me was probably uneasy over something—that no longer mattered to me. I rejected that false, physical sense as any part of me, and soon these episodes stopped completely.

     From that time on, my whole view of spiritual healing kicked up a notch. I saw what Christ Jesus meant when he said, “If the son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” (John 8: 36). He meant that if we can lift up our sense of ourselves to see our Sonship with God and see God as our Source and Origin (divine Parent) then we will see that we’re the spiritual sons and daughters of God, living with the loving, infinite Consciousness of God, where we’re always free of material beliefs and human lies about us. We’re always safe in the kingdom of God, under the divine laws of Love. No human, materialistic beliefs, although manifesting physically, ever become a part of our true being.

     All diseases and discords respond to spiritual healing when we turn to the Christ-Mind within to bring forth the truth we need into our human sense of consciousness. If we are unable to overcome the human belief in something, then, by trusting God, we’re led to the right person who can help us in the human way, or, we’re led to a spiritual healer, until we’re able to heal spiritually.

     For those who want to be on the spiritual healing path, the first thing to realize is that we are spiritual beings. We can’t really have a material disease or ‘condition’. In order for the human healing to take place, however, one must realize this. One can’t wish it, or strive to believe it, or try to use human will to accomplish it. Spiritual healing occurs when thought is spiritually enlightened. It comes naturally, when both thought and identification change from a material standpoint to a spiritual basis. No one can force spiritual healing. One must begin to understand that material appearances aren’t the truth of anything. They are evidence of deeply held material beliefs about existence—beliefs which ultimately bring us to the belief in death.

     Yet, even in these states of material belief, we can turn to God within and our Christ Consciousness which knows all truth. As God’s spiritual image and likeness, our everlasting condition is eternal wholeness. Neither matter nor so-called material law can affect our spiritual selves. Agoraphobia (a material, mental condition) never touched my true being, and when I realized this, even the physical manifestations of panic attacks left me—after ten, long years of suffering them.

     Thus, agoraphobia was a disease I never had. I only believed it belonged to me, because I was first believing myself to be a physical mortal living in a material universe, separated from Spirit and, thus, beyond God’s love and harmonious control over all. I believed I was subject to material laws. I’m not, and neither is anyone else. Whatever material ‘condition’ we seem to be in, our only condition is spiritual. Spirit’s children do not have material conditions. When we realize our true Sonship and Daughtership to God, greater physical and mental healing follows on this earthly plane. Then we can perceive how the Son (putting on our true identity) has made us free indeed—when it heals even the human condition, where we felt so lost just moments before.

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