by Valenncia Moore

From time to time we hear the voice
Which claims that all is well.
"My kingdom is forever here;
Within its heart you dwell."
The fire of this strange message
Warms our soul, to banish fear.
We feel a power invisible;
We sense a great love near.
A Love divine that could not curse
The children of its Soul.
A power that holds us in that Life,
Which keeps us safe and whole.
For one sweet moment, Spirit's realm
does in our sleep unfold.
That moment can be long enough,
To test what we've been told.
For that which is called satan,
Firmly holds us with its lies
Of good and evil powers which,
Before God's throne arise.
And like the prodigal, who
In forgetfulness did fear,
(Could not remember whose he was,
Nor see his home from here)
We too, in consciousness, have left
Our true reality;
Where Spirit's love and law upholds,
Each one, eternally.

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