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“But now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.”  (Isaiah 43:1; King James Bible Version (KJV).

“Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands;” (Isaiah 49:16; (KJV).


         In this human experience, and despite all material appearances to the contrary, no one in the Kingdom of God ever goes without any good thing.  All of the ‘lacks’ that seem to exist in this finite, earthly-seeming, reality (like lack of good-health, lack of peace, lack of joy, lack of supply) are never the truth of our real, ever-lasting being, which is our eternal Life in that divine Spirit, we call God.  

         All of our tribulations and human woes we encounter in our entire time here, (in this material sense of reality) are NOT our true realities.  Our true reality lies within our deeper memory, our spiritual self-hood, which is invisibly present, even when we still erroneously believe ourselves to be finite, creatures, born to self-destruct.  Yet, God’s children do not destruct.  We only believe that we do, because we are still sleeping in the dream of finite, material being.  Even material death cannot kill us because no one can destroy anyone, or anything, that God, divine Spirit, has created.        

         That’s why Christ Jesus came into this human, collective dream of finite materiality.  He came into this human experience to show those of us who still sleep in the dream of materiality that material death doesn’t kill anyone.  Rather, like Jesus, we wake up on the ‘other side’ of material death, because we never were physical, finite beings in the first place.  We always were, and will always remain to be, the spiritual sons and daughters of God.

         What we must realize is that in the kingdom of God, all people, places, and things are spiritual in substance and form, not material.  Matter is not true substance of any thing, or any one.  Because all substance is spiritual, it is not subject to damage or decay.  All spiritual substance is eternal.  Therefore, we are never without the substance of any good thing.   Yet, in this deceptive, material realm of thought, we don’t perceive the spiritual kingdom of God, in which we actually exist.

         Now, after we pass away from this physical sense of being in our earthly sense of things, we awaken to our ever-lasting Self in the dimension of Infinite Spirit, God.  That’s why Paul the Apostle said of God, divine Spirit, “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” (Acts 17:28; King James Bible Version (KJV).  

         ‘Living, moving and having our being’ in God is quite different from living, moving and having our being in a finite, physical form.  Material existence is a mental state of self-delusion.  This self-delusion was revealed when Christ Jesus returned from his material death process, only to leave the whole realm of physics (materiality) in what was called ‘the ascension.’ 

         His three days in the tomb resulted in his spiritual awakening.   Upon this awakening, Christ Jesus briefly returned in the fleshly form, in order to prove that life goes on after the material body seems to disappear into the physical death process.  He remained in the fleshly form, only briefly, so that those who knew him could realize that he was demonstrating their own endless being that dwelt within all of us.  He was showing humanity that true being belonged in the spiritual realm, where all life exists forever. 

         This advanced individual, whom we know as Christ Jesus, was our divine Brother, showing us our true, everlasting Selves.  His mission was a brave one, for he had to go through the physical ‘death’ process in order to show us all that death is unreal.  Everyone who ‘dies’ materially quickly learns, when they awaken spiritually, that death was always a liar.  Nothing, and no one, can kill what, or whom, God has created.

         Now, knowing all this, tells us why we should turn toward God whenever things seem to be wrong in our daily lives and times.  (And lots of things go wrong in this human experience, where we seem to be caught in that dual system of good AND evil, rather than realizing the spiritual fact that no evil actually exists in God’s creation.) 

         God is the only Creator of Its own creation.  God is the only Lawmaker over all creation.  That’s a spiritual truth.  But, we miss the mark when we believe that there is another Creator or power which expresses itself through the belief in so-called laws of matter.  With this belief in a material sense of being, (that is, when we believe in the power of matter to be a law) we break the First Commandment given to Moses on the Mount:  “Thou shalt have no other gods (powers) before Me (God).” (Exodus 20:3; King James Bible Version (KJV).   (My emphasis.)

         The instant we mentally ‘give’ something physical power in our thinking, we’ve written off God as the only power.  The first Commandment is then broken.  When we do that, we are ‘worshipping’ not one, but two, conflicting dualing powers.  Whatever we believe about these two conflicting powers will come into our human experience, be it a good thing, or bad thing.  That’s why we have to watch what we’re believing, for we soon invite it into expression in our daily, human experience.

         That’s why Jesus often asked those who followed him if they believed in God’s power to heal them.  He knew that, if they did believe in God’s sovereign power, the healing would take place for them.  If not, his healing prayers for them wouldn’t work.  On one hand, they would be believing in God’s power; on the other hand, they would be believing in a power opposed to God’s power.  That’s like trying to go east and west at the same time.  It can’t be done.

         It’s written that one time Jesus and his disciples were doing healing work in a certain town of non-believers of God.  The attempts at healing wouldn’t work, there, because of their unbelief in God.  This shows that our divine freedom-to-be can reject God’s help.  That’s because spiritual healing is a gift, not something to be forced upon anyone.  Thus, no one can be healed against their own will; it must be a choice.  In the ever-present kingdom of God, we are each free to believe, or follow, what we believe.

         If we develop TRUST in the sovereign presence and power of God, however, and cling to that trust alone, nothing can stop the healing of any good thing.  God’s creation is filled with goodness, and goodness only, to bless every child or adult who asks for God’s blessing.  Spiritual gifts are never-ending.  The divine Intelligence of the entire, spiritual universe does not withhold anything good from Its children.  God’s kingdom does not run out of good things.  The Almighty does not deny any good thing, unless it might harm someone, in a way they don’t yet understand.

         God is not a withholder.  Nor does divine Love give good things to some of Its children and not to others.  Our divine Parent loves all its children equally.  I learned at an early age that God really loves all of us, even if we’ve done wrong.  If and when we try to fix a wrong we’ve done, a way to fix our wrong behavior always comes to us in a swift moment of thought.

         Despite the millions of people that populate this planet, God’s ever-lasting flow of good is invisibly present to fill the needs of each and every individual.  Despite how lacking in supply we may seem to be, God’s infinite supply of all good is invisibly present to fill all human needs, when, in faith, we individually turn to our divine Parent for whatever is humanly needed.  That’s because in the (invisible) kingdom of God (of which we are each a resident) there is no poverty or lack of any good thing, so whatever we humanly need can be manifested anytime we turn to God’s loving, ever-presence and spiritual control over all creation, even if it seems to be beyond our view at some time.

         When we learn to believe in the ever-present love of God, we need no other Source for any good thing.  Each child, or off-spring of God, has his and her own good, whatever it may be.  It is only the false sense of material lack that tells us we are impoverished in some way, shape, or form.  What seems to be lacking is really a false sense of the spiritual kingdom of God, which is always present, but invisible to the physical senses.  So, we must believe in God’s invisible presence that is with us all the time, even when we aren’t perceiving it yet in a material form. 

         We must learn to trust that invisible presence of Infinite Spirit, or we won’t see it manifested (come forward) in our daily lives.  Divine Love brings material things that we temporarily need into this material sense of being.  But we must mentally perceive our presence of spiritual good first, and then it will manifest (take physical form) in our daily lives second.  Trust, even though you can’t see the good yet.  For, like some wise poet once said:  “Faith is the song we sing, before the Dawn.”