To Hear, to See,
to Speak
October 2002

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     Our ability to hear, see and speak, like all things (including health) comes from the Creator. Divine intelligence, wisdom, love and righteousness creates and maintains the universe. This invisible creation is always present. But in actuality, this divine creation is spiritual, instead of physical, and thus, all bodies and identities within creation are spiritual ones, made up of the substance and essence of divine Spirit.

      To humanity's collective perception, however, the illusion exists for us 'here' that the Almighty's spiritual creation has been re-created in a finite, physical form called matter. Imperfection (good and evil) appears to dwell everywhere in these finite forms, including people. Also, the celestial planets, stars, galaxies, our world and all that is on it, are perceived, by us, only through our ability to perceive physically…with our material eyes, ears, and other three physical senses. Likewise, when we communicate, we do so with our physical body, by uttering common sounds which constitute language. In this state of material deception produced by our forgetfulness of spiritual being, we depend upon the proper functioning of matter, rather than Spirit, to allow us to see, speak and hear. This seems to make the flesh our master instead of servant; it makes us accept the notion that our faculties (indeed, any part of us) can be lost or destroyed through physical birth, accident, or time.

      Yet, it is the divine intelligence, the ultimate Mind of the Creator, which sees, hears, and speaks. And the glory of this Mind is within each of us, allowing us to see, hear and speak with no hindrance. This divine, infinite consciousness within is our true mind...our only real intelligence. It exists right in the place where a false, finite consciousness seems to proceed from a material glob of matter called 'brain.' No doubt, this divine fact of spiritual, rather than material, existence (including the spiritual truth about mind) was the truth Christ Jesus drew upon when restoring lost vision and hearing to those who were suffering from a belief in the loss of these faculties. Thus, this divine Consciousness within, which perceives spiritual existence as the true reality, is sometimes referred to as our Christ Consciousness…our divinely, spiritual consciousness. It is spiritual discernment as opposed to physical assessment.

      This divine consciousness, which dwells at the very core of our being, is our oneness with God; it is our blending with the Infinite intelligence, health and life of all being. Within this divine Consciousness is all truth, knowledge, and realization of the spiritual facts of existence. But we have to allow it to awaken us out of our collective human sleep and dream, where Spirit's realm seems absent, by reminding us of the spiritual truths of existence which annuls all ill-health, including problems with our faculties.

      When we are experiencing vision, hearing or speech problems, it is well to reflect upon and realize the facts of spiritual being, in order for our human, physical form to transform in what is called spiritual healing. Actually, Spirit, the essence of our bodies and being, never has to heal, for it is never faulty to begin with. But the belief that we exist as a physical being, with a physical body and material brain which operates as a finite mind to cause all the problems with our faculties, needs to be corrected by these spiritual facts: It is the divine, infinite Mind (the divine Intelligence at the center of all being) which sees. It is this greater Mind, not a finite physical mentality, that hears. It is this greater Mind that speaks. And this divine intelligence, indeed, the full glory of God, resides within each of us, always present, always whole, waiting to be recognized and remembered. It is our real birthright.

      Within this divine consciousness, every quality of perfect Mind is present. There is no quality (of what constitutes Perfect Mind) that any individual child of God can be missing. It is this spiritual, perfect self which sees…not a physical eye. It is this Christ-Consciousness, not a material ear, that hears every word of truth that God imparts. And it is the intelligence of this Mind, not a material tongue, which has something to say and the ability to say it. These parts of material form (eye, ears, tongue) we use to express what our human mentality wishes to perceive and speak about; but human intelligence is inadequate to maintain their functioning.

      So here again, then, is a great truth to ponder: Right where a physical mind seems to be the source of thought, right there is our true, perfect, spiritual Mind… our divine consciousness. Filled with all truth, this consciousness (our real self) knows and realizes the wholeness, perfection, and ever-lastingness of God's creation. It knows the spiritual substance and essence of our individual being. It realizes that, since we are spiritual beings at one with our source, no one is ever incomplete, undeveloped, damaged, marked, diseased, or dead…despite what the physical appearances are projecting at the time. Most likely, that's what Christ Jesus knew that enabled his resurrection: that there is no such thing as spiritual death, thus death is really a deception…a false state. This spiritual knowledge actively realized in human consciousness also allowed Christ Jesus to call Lazarus from the grave, and heal every manner of disease, deformity, and injury he came across. So where did the disease, deformity, injuries go? Nowhere. They ceased to exist physically because, in spiritual reality, they never were.

      Injuries, the belief of aging with time, whatever the deficiency said to be the cause of poor vision, deafness or speech problems, (in fact, all fleshly ills) are really lies against the spiritual truth of one's being. Jesus taught the healing truths to his disciples, which produced healings for about four hundred years before being drummed out of the churches of the world. These healings still occur today, whenever the realization of spiritual truth ascends in one's human thought.

      When consciousness changes a false, physical belief of being, to the spiritual truth of everlasting wholeness and soundness in God's keeping, the physical form changes to this completeness, in what is called healing. That's because thought or belief underlies everything in our present experience…even all the universal beliefs about materiality and mortality. When Jesus said to the centurion, "Go thy way, and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee…," (Matthew 8:13) he wasn't kidding. Whatever we believe (accept as true) produces its effects physically or humanly, whether a good thing or bad. That's why faith in anything, causes the result we expect.

      Paul the Apostle tried to show his followers the falsity of their belief in material existence as opposed to the truth of spiritual being. In his first letter to the Corinthians, he wrote: "the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." (1 Cor. 15..26). And he tries to explain why this is so further on in that chapter. In verse 44 he states, "There is a natural (physical) body and there is a spiritual body."   In verse 47: "The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven."   In verse 49: "And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly." This shows the false identity (earthy) and true identity (heavenly).

      The Bible, and other religious books throughout the world, have all pointed toward spiritual reality as the present and only real condition of being; but it must be perceived and discerned mentally before its effects in the human scene can be experienced. It must become part of one's belief system until it wipes out all materialism from thought. Yet, the slightest perception of this invisible reality--of God's spiritual kingdom, always under the control of divine love, here and now--will change one's experience from bad to good, whatever the threat.

      When this writer's daughter was in grade school, a note came home one day, saying that the little girl had failed twice to pass a hearing test conducted by the school. She was urged to take the girl to the doctor for examination and treatment. As a spiritual healer, the writer decided to try going to God and the spiritual truth of being first.

      After praying to God for guidance, the Christ Consciousness began to speak to her. It came to her thought that her daughter's real selfhood, including her hearing, was always safe in God's loving care. That as the image and likeness of Spirit, all God's children are spiritual rather than material. This meant that hearing is a function of the infinite Spirit, we call God. This function belongs to all God's children forever…it does not dwell in a material thing called an ear, so it cannot be lost.

      This spiritual fact of being brought her great peace, and experience had taught this writer that, once that peace washed over her, the healing was done. The next morning she took her daughter to the school and requested a new hearing test. The test came out normal, and that was the end of the false condition expressing itself humanly. The belief had been cast out of their experience, and so it could no longer take form or expression physically.

      The principles discussed here are not new nor original to the author. You will find them in many doctrines, like Christian Science and The Infinite Way, and most likely many other sources now on the planet.

      I leave you, today, with one thing to ponder: Eternal life means, without beginning or end. Then, if we are ever to be eternal, we already are. Death is not the door to eternal life; rather, the realization of divine Life is the door to death's destruction. When we awaken sleeping thought, and when we grow into this comprehension of spiritual being rather than physical being, the 'last enemy' truly will be destroyed.

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