Come Out of the Past and Be Happy

May  2017


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         Have you ever longed for years gone by, or tried to re-create a certain time when you had been so happy that you kept calling back the memory, in an endless effort to re-live it?  If so, you are cheating yourself out of all the new times that are already stretching out, waiting for you to find them.  Happy new times are always waiting for us to find in the infinite creation of God.  

         Why do I say this?  I say this because the good things that fill the creation of God are forever at hand.  Life hasn’t run out on any of us; we  simply fail to see the new people, new places and things when we keep our thoughts on what has left us instead of looking ahead to our new friends, places, and horizons that we haven’t yet pursued.

         While we’re concentrating our thoughts on what is behind us, and whom and what we have lost, we are mentally shutting off our sight of the new friends and things that are in our future, just awaiting our awakening to God’s omnipresence.  So it is time to realize that.  It is time to shut out yesterday’s memories of what is behind us and remember that God’s infinite creation is always before us. 

         This never-ending, forever-harmonious creation of God is always before us, whether we are still in the human experience, or have moved on after our human-life experience.  No matter how we misunderstand our material life experience, we have never been out of God’s own creation for one, mini-second in our eternal, spiritual lives.

         In Acts 17:28 of the King James Bible it is written that “we live, and move and have our being” in God’s ever-lasting, spiritual realm, not in a changeless time-spot.  So, we don’t have to hold onto the past. Trying to keep ourself in a material past is like trying to stay in our childhood when we’re an adult.  It can’t be done. We cannot be frozen in time, for our Creator created Eternity to be our forever Home. 

         So, instead of dwelling in the mental states of anger, self-pity, or fear of losing loved ones who have passed-away, we must realize that material death is not the end of anyone.  Spirit doesn’t die.  The material forms we use in this human experience are not the truth of anything.  They are finite forms to use in our temporary, earthly, days in this human experience.  Our material body-forms are like our cars that we drive to get around while we’re in this human experience; yet, when we pass away from this finite form, our ever-lasting, spiritual Self is still going strong, forever.  Our human, material forms were never meant to be our true, permanent bodies.  As God’s spiritual children, we live forever in the realm of divine Spirit.    Physical death does not touch God’s spiritual off-spring; for, as God’s spiritual children we have always been spiritually alive, even during our temporary, material, human experience of physical life and death.

         Now, this human experience (where we use physical forms) each spiritual identity seems to be working out his and her own unique purpose under some temporary scheme.  But, while in the earthly realm, spiritual guides have arisen from time to time, guiding the earthly inhabitants toward principles of love, harmony, and all other forms of goodness. 

         For example, The Ten Commandments of Moses, the teachings of Christ Jesus and other spiritually-illuminated individuals of different faiths all around the world, have pointed to universal love as the only rightful principle of living which the people of Earth should embrace.  Biblical   stories often highlight spiritual principles in order to show earthly inhabitants the right way to live in this temporary, earthly experience.

         As an example, the story of Lot’s wife in the Bible comes to mind.  Lot’s wife was part of the family that an angel told to leave the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of the “unclean” behavior and wrongful practices of its citizens.  Lot’s family was to leave these cities, and not look back at them as they left the area, for the angel was ordered to destroy the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah, as soon as Lot’s family left the city.  But Lot’s wife disobeyed the angel, and looked back to see the destruction of the cities that no one was to see.  And it’s written in Genesis 19, line 26: “but his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.”   

         Now, whatever this account of Lot’s wife seems to symbolize (or whatever precise lesson is to be learned from her human fate) the divine Mind of God has a few rules that are simply not to be broken.  That means that how we live out our human (material) time here has a few, spiritual rules that are not to be taken lightly. 

         For example, the Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from the Mount were later summarized when Christ Jesus said that the two greatest commandments were to ‘love God, and love our neighbors as ourself.’  When we love God and our neighbors as ourselves, we’ve just about erased all the other human ‘wrongs’ that we do.

         But, through the ages, times and behavior patterns change and continue to change.  New ‘wrongs’ take root that come under the category of ‘evil’ in some form or other.  Thus, each generation has different challenges to face. 

         Yet, although our temporary, earthly home keeps changing throughout the years, the choice between good and evil stays absolutely, positively, the same.  We face it every day of our earthly life.  Within our eternal, true Selfhood, we are the children of God, living right within God, Itself.  We don’t really have a material mind to live within us, nor call our own.  The Bible tells us that the infinite divine, Spirit, God, is the only Mind we can have, and that One Mind lives, forever in the infinite Spirit we call God.

         That being the actual Truth of our very existence, we can let go of any fear about our own life being erased.  Nor will we erase anyone else’s life.  Life can’t become unlife.  Our spiritual life existed before we made our entry into this temporary, physical earth universe, and it will cease to exist at the “end-of-days,” (as is told in the New Testament biblical Book of Revelation, when all of humanity awakens back to spiritual being for all time.)

         So, before then, much of the details of the end times is found in the chapters of the Book of Revelations, in the King James Version of the Bible.  The early chapters of Revelation are filled with symbolism, and early predictions; but the last chapters are more precise on the predictions of humanity’s awakening to our ever-lasting spiritual being and realization that no one has ever died, or left us at all.  When it’s time, we’ll awaken spiritually to see our loved ones again, safe and sound in God’s loving Realm, whole, ever-lastingly healthy, and eternally happy.  In the meantime, keep looking forward to each  morning sun and experience God’s new day.






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