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May 2007

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     “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8: 32).

     “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.” (Job 42.5).

     When Christ Jesus spoke the words in the above quotation, “the truth shall make you free,” he was not speaking of some single truth, or even someone’s individual truth. He was speaking of the truth of spiritual being—the Infinite Truth, which encompasses all other truths. He was addressing the truth of reality, which permeates all levels of being, all places, times, infinity.

     With this unfathomable truth (which Jesus relied upon when producing the healing miracles of his day) he presented to the world concrete, manifested, physical results of such knowledge. He healed diseases, raised some individuals from the state of physical death, changed water to wine; and from out of the spiritually invisible, Jesus multiplied the presence of a small amount of visible food to feed thousands. He produced physical evidence of how knowledge of spiritual truth, in one’s individual consciousness, can call the Kingdom of God, with all its harmony, provision and health, into the human experience. (All such manner of accounts can be found in the first four chapters of the New Testament.)

     What was even more remarkable to his followers at that time, and since, was something else Jesus said: “He that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14: 12). These words forever prove that the authority of spiritual law over seeming physical law is a universal principle that applies to all people. Everyone owns God’s power over the ills of the flesh.

     This is how Jesus is our Savior: with the truth of spiritual, rather than physical being, he saves us from the falsity of material existence and all the ills that dominate this falsity. He shows us a path to walk, where we can bring ourselves (that is, our consciousness) back to our heavenly home, where we are safe and dearly loved. He shows us the universal, spiritual Self—the Christly Self within each of us, still at one with the Father/Mother God, who is infinite Intelligence, Wisdom, Love and Spirit. He presented God as our spiritual consciousness within. We live within It (the all-knowing, all-seeing Intelligence that is God), and It lives within us. Once we accept this basis of all life, being and universe, the material is but a shadow-form of the real. Thus, the physical can be changed with the realization (not just the words) of spiritual Truth.

     People, around the globe, who’ve chosen to be on the spiritual healing path believe that spiritual enlightenment can come to any and all who search for it—or they wouldn’t try to find it themselves. Some have never known anything other than relying upon the truth within when it comes to healing disease and discords. They are fortunate. Most of us have to struggle through the process of shedding the material beliefs we’ve been taught from our birth-entry here, before we can accept our identity as God’s true, spiritual image and likeness.

     Concepts like immortality and perfection are hard things to actually apply to one’s human self, even though they’ve always been the only truth about us. A finite, material mortal is not God’s image and likeness, and never was. God’s children never were material or mortal—that’s why Jesus could raise the dead and resurrect himself. He had to know these truths, however, in order to bring them into manifested form.

     Now, there’s a fine line of distinction between finding the Truth of spiritual existence and knowing what to do with it. While a seeker of truth may learn the importance of finding this heavenly enlightenment, some who do find it, and believe in it, often still attempt to heal from a material standpoint. Still believing in a material creation, with good and evil powers, they erroneously think that the words of truth, or statements of truth themselves are the healing agent. Then, rather than going within their Christ Consciousness for the truth they need, they search outside the spiritual realm, into the external physical environment, searching for words of truth in books, (which others have written) or declaring and repeating certain words or statements of spiritual truth, over and over, like a mantra, thinking that such words and phrases are somewhat magical in their effect. They often keep saying truthful statements in order to destroy whatever form some evil has taken in their lives.

     When I was in the public practice of spiritual healing, I often encountered this phenomenon, even with people who’d been raised in a spiritual healing religion. On one such occasion, a woman told me she’d been repeating the broad phrase, “God is Love, God is Love,” over and over again, but no healing came. I asked her how she felt this phrase was relevant to her specific problem, or how it could be applied, and she said, “Well, I don’t know…I thought you’d know!”

     In this misguided way of practice, the words of truth are sought after to be used against the evils which materialize in daily life. Such a method of trying to use truth to destroy some evil, as if both truth and evil are present and powerful, will be disappointing in its effects.

     The reason such a method fails is this: It is not the words themselves that change anything back toward health or harmony; rather, it is the realization of truth in consciousness, that Eureka moment, when a mental light goes on and one mentally SEES the spiritual reality. This spiritual sight is the healing agent for change. Unless certain words cause a light to go on within consciousness, there is no healing value in repeating them.

     Words of truth, read or said, are empty without such realization and comprehension of their validity. Thus, one heals when one comprehends that in God’s spiritually eternal creation nothing needs healing, because despite physical appearances, God is still supreme over all. Knowing that we need some specific truth, from the Christ Consciousness within, in order to save us from whatever human belief has hold of our psyche at the moment, is the way to go. Turning to our divine Consciousness within, rather that to worldly things ‘out there’ quickly brings us the truth we need. Then, both the belief in some evil, and it’s manifestation in our lives, disappears.

     God’s children are spiritual, and nothing material touches our true being, even though there is physical, or mental, evidence at the moment. Such evidence is subject to change, when truth takes over consciousness. So, there is really no such thing as a spiritual healer. In God’s eternal universe, all remains perfect and spiritually whole, and no healer is needed. Spiritual truth is all we need. One learning to heal spiritually is actually a SEER—someone who mentally sees (realizes or comprehends) the spiritual truth about himself, herself, or others.

     So, to summarize, spiritual truth isn’t a collection of words to find, as if it were lost. Truth is a specific mental realization of what IS and where no lack exists. Truth manifests in the human so-called ‘condition’ because once someone’s consciousness perceives the spiritual truth and law, the material lie is cast out of thought as having no reality. Truth IS. There is nothing else to fight. Evil is just a claim of lack of some truth: lack of health, lack of supply, lack of love, peace, joy, lack of life.

     Evil is not present in God’s creation; there is no force of evil to fight nor need for another force to fight it. And the realization of spiritual supremacy, of God’s loving control over all, and the knowledge of God’s omnipotent power and law is the only truth any situation needs. When someone, nay, anyone, knows this without a doubt, a healing change will materialize in whatever way is needed to restore harmony, balance, sufficiency, or anything else in the outer physical environment. If no one is present to perceive the spiritual truth in some discordant situation, no healing transformation will occur. It always take at least one individual to see the Kingdom of Heaven and bring its truth into the human scenario.

     Christ Jesus, the master healer, must have mentally seen and realized spiritual truth so clearly, that he could gaze upon the physical appearances of the people around him and see only what was really there—God’s spiritual sons and daughters, eternally whole and safe; not infants or elderly, just the full-bloom of spiritual being and glory, living in the perfect, loving creation of God. This knowing allowed the Master to see both the sinlessness and everlastingness of our true identities.

     No doubt, the reason Christ Jesus could even raise the dead was that he could see eternal life so well, that the illusion of material death didn’t faze him. He had already proven that sickness and deformity of every name and nature were untrue, and certainly not of God; for Jesus restored to full and complete health all who asked him to fasten his thoughts upon them. If full health, eternal life and sinless being aren’t the real and only truth of being, how could spiritual sight and realization have brought them forth, transforming the faulty material view of bodies which those who came to Jesus believed they had?

     Realization of spiritual truth, which contradicts the material error, works the seeming-magic called healing, because thought is behind all physical manifestation. Before one person harms another, he or she must first indulge thoughts of hatred, victimization, or whatever else might justify such an act of violence. Only thought leads action; for the arm that strikes another has no intelligence of its own. Thought also controls our physical countenance and tells the flesh what to do; not through our will, but through our entrenched beliefs about material law and how it affects our erroneous, fleshly sense of self. Spiritual healing works because human belief, even our own, never reaches our true being, which is kept by God, forever safe and sound, to be proved through spiritual enlightenment.

     In order to spiritually heal any and all human appearances of evil (be it lack of our spiritual health, lack of our infinite supply from Spirit, lack of our peace, safety and right place in God’s ever-present kingdom) we must remember these things and consciously realize the truth of our divine circumstances. We must keep the spiritual truth at the forefront of our awareness until whatever is troubling us is cleansed from our thoughts, and until we can’t accept another thing which denies the truth of God’s Intelligence, Love for us, and Sovereign Authority over all deceptions of evil. That’s when the illusions of evil disappear from our human experience, and the material scene, here on earth, changes to reflect our heavenly home.

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