The Still Waters -- March 2004
           God's Great Balance   
March 2004

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     “Therefore, I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
( Christ Jesus, in Mark 11: 24).

      “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” ( Christ Jesus, in Luke 12: 32).

      “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” (Luke 15: 31).

     In the Kingdom of God, that invisible, ever-present creation of the Almighty Intelligence, there is a great balance of all things, which holds this kingdom in perpetual harmony and peace. Now, harmony and peace could only exist among God's people if every single individual is a part of this one, great harmony. Everyone must be a part of this wonderful balance, which supplies all needs to all creatures, with no one's needs left out.

     This is the kingdom of which Christ Jesus spoke when he said those seemingly mystical words, “My kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18: 36). And from his own understanding and faith in 'my kingdom', he was able to show that the laws of God, Spirit--when called upon with faith and conviction--trumped the seeming laws of matter at every turn, setting free those who believed that material law had made them ill, poor, abandoned and wretched. Christ Jesus proved this great, divine balance was present, not in some distant place, but in the here and now of human existence. His works, and those of his disciples after him, proved that the great harmony and balance of God, bringing perpetual health and abundance to all, had never left God's people.

      This great, harmonic balance exists because the infinite Intelligence we call God (by whatever name) is capable of such a thing. Divine Intelligence has no limits set upon It, to forbid such a harmony or balance. The term 'infinite' defines that which is without beginning or end, and without creative restriction. Only such a vast Intelligence would be capable of controlling all things within Its sphere and range of detection. Without another intelligence to contest such divine control over all, God's reasoning, purpose and will is free to create, bless, love and cherish It's entire creation, without end. The love which God has for all within the divine kingdom blesses continuously, without any dark side effect.

     In my own experience, this great balance has never failed to bless our family and supply every need, as soon as God's loving presence and control was acknowledged, and we yielded to the divine Intelligence within, rather than our own. My own conviction of the power in recognizing this great balance came about through the following experience:

      My husband and I were married at age twenty. By twenty-six, we were still childless. As with many young women who find themselves in this condition of lack, I feared we would never have children. Having grown up with brothers and mostly male cousins, I particularly longed for a little girl to love and care for. (As a little girl, myself, who was surrounded by boys, I used to say that I was that “lonely little petunia in an onion patch.”)

     Both my husband and I felt we could adopt with no regrets; we would love whatever child we were given. So we applied to a couple of agencies. No baby came. Finally, in desperation, I turned to God and appealed to His love. Having been so disappointed with trying the normal adoption process, I had a special prayer or request. I prayed, “If it won't interfere with Your will and purpose, please let me have a baby girl. I don't care how she gets here, either through me or someone who can't care for her. But please don't send us to an agency; I'll know she came from You, if you'll send someone to us with our baby. We're worn out, trying to find her.”

     Now, from my childhood, I knew that faith was very important with any request made to God. I didn't know why, exactly; but that's because, in my youth, I didn't understand that our own consciousness is the agent of change in the human scene--what we believe or accept as truth, deep within ourselves, takes form in our human experience. I only knew, back then, that I needed to believe and trust in God's love for us, and believe that God would not deny us any good thing. I thought deeply about Christ Jesus' words, from the Bible, shown at the beginning of this article. He said, whatever we ask, believe we receive it. He made no exceptions on this; only believe that God had already granted the request. He also said it was God's good pleasure to give us 'the kingdom'--which I took to mean that God would not withhold anything good from his children. I don't think, however, we can ask God for any unloving or destructive thing, since God is Love, and God's laws are loving to all. What blesses an individual must bless everyone, or at least not harm anyone.

     So, all day long, I prayed and made myself trust that my prayer for a child would be answered. No matter how much depression tried to take hold of me, I spoke out loud to it and said, “Our baby is already in the divine Intelligence, and God knows which one belongs to us. No one has that baby but us. It won't hurt anyone else in any way. God will figure it all out, how our having a baby will fit in with Its harmony. This is our part in God's harmony, and that baby needs us.” After awhile, I actually felt peaceful.

      As the next day rolled by, I began to mentally perceive that since God was the creator of all identities, it was clear that He was always conscious of them, no matter where they seemed to be materially. We're all really spiritual, and the all-knowing, all-seeing mind of God, never loses Its conscious awareness of our spiritual selfhood, nor any thing (concept) in creation. Since there's only one God, one divine Intelligence, Wisdom, Love and Righteousness in the universe, this great One was controlling all that filled Its creation, in a harmony, abundance, and with a great balance that blessed everyone at once. What belonged to me, from God, could never belong to someone else. Nor could I ever have or take what belonged, from God, to another. The divine Intelligence was constantly active to make everything work symphonically.

      Two mornings later, my doorbell rang. Someone had heard we wanted to adopt and knew of a young woman who was pregnant and unable to care for the baby. To make a long story short, I knew that our baby had arrived, even before the woman left our home that morning. The adoption was arranged, and our daughter was born a few months later, and we took her home from the hospital when she was five days old. Her young, birth mother was happy to have found a good home for the baby.

     But that's not the end of the story. Our daughter remained our only child until, one day, when she was five years old, she came to me and said, “Mommy, didn't you say that if I asked God for something good, and believed God had already given it to me, that I would have it?” I nodded yes, wondering what she'd asked for. “Well,” she continued, “I asked for a baby brother!” Her brother, was born nine months later, since I became pregnant immediately after her request. In eleven years of marriage, I'd never given birth before.

     Today our daughter is married, living in a big house near Chicago, with seven children of her own. (Yes, not a She loves babies and critters. I've told her the story of how she came to us, probably more than once. Growing up, she used to torment her little brother with it, saying how she was 'chosen' and he wasn't; but actually, they both came straight from a prayer to God. One from my prayer, one from hers.

      When human needs are met from calling out to God, it proves that God is still present with each and every one of us. It also proves the eternal quality of God's love for us. That loving and infinite Spirit which created the universe and all in it, is omnipresent (the all-seeing presence) omniscient (contains all knowledge) and omnipotent (the only real cause and effect). This divine Intelligence expresses Itself in all concepts, all identities. All creation lives within this one Spirit, “For in him we live and move and have our being...” (Acts 17: 28).

      The false, material sense of things makes us believe otherwise. We certainly seem separated from God, for we can't physically perceive the Almighty. We seem to be entombed in a fleshy form, unable to detect anything but what our physical senses can detect. This means we're missing everything else. (Even physical 'science' has shown that we perceive material things and people only when molecules are vibrating within a certain range; anything vibrating faster or slower than our range allows is invisible to us.) This limited, material assessment of the universe reports that the Creator is absent from Its own creation, and life is not fair. Physical senses will never perceive the creation of Spirit.

      But God is still here, perceived or not; and in order to accept all the harmony and good of creation, which we share with everything and every one else, we must know of its existence. Only by acquainting ourselves with the truth of spiritual existence, and our true identity and life in Spirit, rather than matter, do we lose the fears that motivate our every move in the human condition. Once fear is removed and God's presence and power over all is recognized, we yield to spiritual knowledge and allow it to act in our human experience. Without such yielding of will, our daily lives will go along as usual, with all the evils that the material sense of things produces. This is not God withholding good from us; this is us rejecting God's presence and control, seeking our remedies in the material sense of creation. For as the parable of the prodigal son shows us, God is speaking to the spiritually deaf ears of Its children, all the time, saying, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” (Acts 17: 28).

     Spiritual healing of all fleshly ills occurs because Spirit, God, has already given us all; we only have to prove this to ourselves. Being at one with the divine Intelligence which is the Source of all, we already have, within our own, spiritual being, all that God has created. Creation is done. Having God, we have it all. Nothing that is real and true has ever been withheld from us.

     Be clear in the understanding that, when we pray and receive something humanly, this doesn't mean God has now listened and is now sending us the thing we need, or the person we need; it means that, within our own spiritual selfhood, we already have all people, all things. That's why Christ Jesus told us (in the passage at beginning of article) to 'believe ye receive it' (already have it). When we mentally do this, we'll then manifest the spiritual thing in whatever material manifestation we need it in. This works, not by magic, nor by divine intervention; it works because we're seeing the truth which already exists--the truth that nothing is lacking, just because it appears to be lacking materially. All real things and identities are spiritual in substance, and are included in our spiritually conscious being. That's why we can call God's harmony and balance into our human experience--because it's already there, hidden from view.

      Spiritual understanding leads to faith. Faith (conviction of spiritual truth) is what is needed to make any healing take place in material form. Faith is the change in consciousness that calls forth the kingdom of God--the kingdom not of this world. Once called upon, no material rule or law can stop the healing. Nothing exists in the world of form, which is temporary, to interfere with spiritual law. Complete trust in God's loving control and harmony over all will bring it into our experience, but on the human level. Yet, the human level is all we need, right now. When we are fully awakened spiritually, we won't confine spiritual beings and concepts into limited forms.

      So, despite all the lack that seems to be in the world, the spiritual truth is that lack does not exist in the kingdom of God. This human experience is what we all, collectively, make of things. Underneath all the chaos and expressions of hate (lack of love) underneath all the lack of faith, lack of health, lack of supply, even lack of life--right here, God's invisible, spiritual creation still exists, harmoniously and greatly balanced, where no one, in his and her true identity has ever been injured, ill, poor, hateful or hated, never been anything the material identity seems to be. Life in Spirit is a harmonic existence preserved for our spiritual identity. It's an eternal thing, despite even the physical death experience--for our spiritual Self can't die. When we recognize our own spiritual selfhood, hiding beneath the fleshly facade, we also come to realize, like Christ Jesus, 'our kingdom is not of this world.' That's because we're citizens of the true kingdom, hidden from material view, but known to those who acknowledge it and trust in the God of all creation.


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