Spiritual Transition of Thought Before Healing    

March 2003

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        The Bible tells us in James 5: 15,"And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him." This is a beacon in the practice of spiritual healing. It is a turning to God with faith (not begging and pleading) which heals the sick beliefs of this world, and therefore the evil forms these beliefs take. But faith is much more than hoping, or trying to will one's self to believe in the loving control which God holds over all. Faith is a solid conviction; it is something we know so well, that we can't accept a falsity about it anymore. This state of mind (and only this state of mind) of utter confidence in the omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience of God, where no evil can touch us, will result in restoration (healing) of the external world of form, be it body, relationships, supply, or every ill which flesh seems to inherit.

        Faith grows stronger with the understanding of the spiritual principles at work in creation. For this reason whenever my thoughts are too earthbound to heal, I review the eight principles below. This review lifts my consciousness higher, and calms me before whatever is challenging my well-being. These are principles I've seen throughout the years and written in a way that is speaking to myself. This is in no way a formula I must follow, but only a reminder of a few spiritual facts, which I gladly share with any one at the point of needing them. If you find nothing in them for your own spiritual journey, just let them go:

1.     Begin with a mental rebirthing: realize it is Spirit's son or Spirit's daughter you're thinking of. Establish Spirit as the origin and Source of all one is and all one needs. God is the Creator, and not only creates our identities, but also creates and ordains the circumstances and environment in which we really live. The substance of all identities and environment is Spirit--like creates like. The only Source of all our good is Spirit, divine Intelligence; the only circumstances we can ever really be in are our divine spiritual circumstances. There is no material creation; creation is only being interpreted materially at this shared-stage of our spiritual development. Our only inheritance is our lot from God; our only birthright is our spiritual birthright as ordained by the love of God for eternity.

2.     As Spirit's sons and daughters, our kingdom is 'not of this world.' In our true, spiritual, invisible, ever-present kingdom, only the laws of God exist and operate. God is the Lawmaker as well as Creator of all creation. The only laws that ever actually touch us are the spiritual laws of God, and these laws are good, holding the entire creation of God in perfect rhythm, order, harmony and health.

    We are in this true world all the time, wherever we go humanly. We can never be out of 'our kingdom.' Wherever we go and wherever we are in what seems to be a material creation, only the laws of God are really in operation; and the news is always good in this underlying kingdom. Here, love is the only cause, and love is the only effect of any cause. All spiritual identities and things in creation are benign, with no power of their own to harm; in God's true, ever-present kingdom, nothing touches us but love.

    Remember that Jesus once said to his true followers, "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." (Luke 10: 19). This power he gave to us is spiritual truth over material lies of existence.

3.     Only the laws of Spirit operate in this kingdom, because God is the only Authority. Thus, the false material sense of things has no power here. It never had any power here…we just believed it did. In God's invisible kingdom, evil beliefs can't even enter. They don't enter because there is only One Mind, and no one has a mind of his or her own to express. Right where the false sense of anyone's personal, material mind seems to exist, right there is the full Mind of God--the divine consciousness of all. No false beliefs thus enter the kingdom where all is Mind alone; all creation is of the same Mind, in unity and harmony.

    Since false beliefs can't enter here and have no power, even our own mis-informed beliefs have no effect. God is our only Authority, and we have no authority over ourselves. What God creates and knows about us is all that is true, whatever the temporary material appearance. Whatever beliefs we've accepted, our appearance and convictions don't matter. There is only one Authority here, in the kingdom--one Power that regulates all. Appearances about us mean nothing; our true, invisible Self is here, upheld by God. God alone determines our circumstances, body, soul, mind, environment. The false material sense has never had any power to affect us.

4.     The truth of our bodies, health, life, supply, freedom and real relationships to others are all part of our birthright and God's loving circumstances for us. The false sense cannot separate us from the loving care God has over us. The false sense cannot separate us from the Truth about ourselves. That's because the false sense can't separate us from "our kingdom" and all its laws that perpetuate harmony, wholeness, health and life. None of our birthright circumstances can be kept from us or from reaching us in any way. God's complete, loving care of us always reaches us in the kingdom. Permanent wholeness of body-substance (Spirit) and the everlasting health that results from the permanent state of being are part of our divine circumstances or divine inheritance.

5.     There is a Rhythm of God, a divine order, a regulation over all creation, which cannot be tampered with. Mind sets the Rhythm of the universe, which nothing and no on can stop, interrupt, or disturb. Like one, harmonic symphony, this rhythm plays uninterrupted. Nothing can disturb the spiritual rhythm of health that permeates creation. No one can interfere with our divine, individual rights in the kingdom, or interrupt them in any way. There is only One Rhythm, One Order, One Regulation of One Substance in our kingdom. As far as the east is from the west, that's how far God keeps error of every material name and nature from reaching our true being, safe in Spirit's substance and creation, rhythm and regulation.

6.     Remember HOW healing works: The false appearances of sickness and all evil in the material scene vanish from our experience when the truth of spiritual being is asserted and realized--when all fear and doubt vanish. That's because, once we've stopped believing the material illusion about a kingdom and power opposed to God, the faulty appearance of lack of health, lack of supply, lack of order, lack of harmony, lack of regulation and rhythm, all disappear…are no longer expressed.

7.     Don't be afraid or intimidated by the illusion of a faulty material condition of body created by the false sense. It only hides the true condition…it never touches or alters our true substance or condition. No false belief ever touches or alters true being. The false sense cannot impose a material condition on spiritual man…not even the condition called death. Eternal life knows no death; it is the belief in death which must die.

8.     In the true kingdom, there is no false sense to even create the illusion of another condition other than wholeness, health, and the eternal presence of life, because there is no other mind to express such a thing. When we withdraw our mentality from expressing a false belief, (refuse to have any mind but our divine consciousness which knows only spiritual reality) we join the oneness of Mind that expresses only health. Material form is but a symbol of the real. This form can always be transformed through spiritual truth; and once we mentally dwell in this truth of being, with conviction, and claim our birthright as God's sons and daughters, nothing can stop the healing that follows.

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