Even after earthly elections, God's everpresent Love is still our Source of all good and our Ultimate Authority


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“God is known in loving kindness, God the true, eternal good.

Zion ne’er will He forsake thee; Trust his Father Motherhood.

Can a mother leave her children? Can unchanging Love forget?

Though all earthly friends betray thee, Lo His arm enfolds thee yet.

Every prayer to Him is answered, prayer confiding in His will.

Blessedness and joy are near thee, hear His gentle Peace be still.

Hear His voice above the tempest: I have not forsaken thee.

In My hand thy name is graven. I will save both thine and thee.”

(By Johannes Heermann  from the Swedish Translation of Jakob Boethius and Johan O. Wallin).  Adapted   


         Here we are, two days after Christmas and we’re all trying to cling to the Christmas season, despite the unhappiness that seems to be running amuck all over the world.  I think this collective unhappiness has been afoot for several years, building up to a fever pitch.  But it really seems to have peaked in the USA due to the contentious political season we’ve had this year.  Still, as the famous Scarlett O’Hara of “Gone With the Wind” fame reminds us, ‘Tomorrow is another day.’

         And aren’t we glad this is true?  Every day, something new comes our way, allowing us to leave the world of yesterdays, good or bad, for new adventures that we never even imagined the day before.  Children are quicker to value each new day.  They dive into it without looking back at what made them unhappy yesterday.  They seem to understand the old saying, “Every day gives us another chance.”

         Adults, on the other hand, seem to cling to yesterday’s bumps in the road, refusing to look beyond them.  Why should we look beyond them?  Because when we look above and beyond the negative things that block our paths today, we discover that there are still endless new paths coming across our conscious awareness that we’ve never even tried before.  The path that we were on may never have been the right one for us, and in letting it go, we leave ourselves open to find our more harmonious destination.

         A certain uncle of mine (in his 90s now) often speaks of the wisdom of ‘going with the flow’.  By that, he means, don’t try to force what you want, or where you think you belong.  God’s harmony doesn’t come to us with stress; rather, it comes with peace.  No one is promised everything he or she wants, because sometimes it might be destructive for us to get what we desire.  God’s vision for our individual good is the thing to trust; for our human sense doesn’t perceive the whole picture in order to make the right decisions all the time.  I don’t believe that anything good is withheld from us.  So, it’s wise to remember that God knows, in advance, what we can’t yet see, for our good or for our bad.  That’s because God can see around corners and we can’t.

         So, whatever contests or forms of competitions we might enter, it’s wise to remember that not everyone wins the contest.  In fact, most competitive races end with vastly more losers than winners.  The secret is to do one’s best, and then let it go.  For if the competition is over, and we don’t let go of it, we’ll suffer far beyond any reason to suffer. And more importantly, we’ll miss the new blessing that is coming our way that is better than the contest we lost.

         I like to remember that all God’s children have their own.  God is our endless Source, and our eternal Parent.  If and when we trust that spiritual truth, we need not wait too long for our human need to be met.     When holding onto our trust in our Almighty, Father/Mother God, whatever we need comes forward into our human experience.  Just as human parents meet the needs of their precious children when called upon in faith, our divine Parent meets our every need in this human experience.  When trusting God with our human care, no good thing is withheld from God’s spiritual off-spring. We are never forgotten. 

         The divine Mind that created the spiritual universe to exist forever has left no one out.  But we have to hold to this truth in order to bring its blessing to our doors.  God is always with us, but God isn’t a fleshly Parent.  God is our spiritual Father and Mother, who is always with us, despite the fact that we don’t see God in any fleshly form.  Yet, what is more important to remember is that although we can’t perceive God physically, God can perceives us spiritually.  Despite the fact that God is not a finite, fleshly being, and we don’t see him ‘in the flesh’, God never loses sight of us. 

         Now, many might challenge this truth, and, therefore, dismiss God’s ever-present care when needed.  But, when we challenge God by not taking that divine Hand, it’s as if God is reaching out to us, but we’ve turned our back on the Almighty.  God does not force anyone to take Its divine help.  It has to be voluntary.  As some poet once wrote, “God made all Its children free.  Live, itself, is liberty.”

         Many religions, all over this world, have taught that faith is the key that opens the very door of heaven; for faith is the quality that accepts God’s divine, spiritual existence and ever-lasting sovereighty even though one cannot touch, smell, hear, taste, or see divine Spirit in material form.  In other words, true faith expresses one’s full acceptance of God’s invisible, spiritual presence.  Faith gives the “go forth” sign to God that we accept Its divine help.

         More than two thousand years ago, Jesus the Christ came into the human scene to bring the knowledge of our true identities.  He proclaimed that he was the way-shower and we were to follow him.  The biblical books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John should be studied by all who wish to understand the depth of what Jesus taught to his followers.  ‘Jesus’ was his earthly name; ‘the Christ’ is his ever-lasting, spiritual title.  But the Christ-title belongs to all of God’s children. ‘The Christ’ represents the spiritual identity of all of God’s off-spring.

         Here in this earthly experience, we’ve all had temporary, individual, human names; but ‘the Christ’signifies our ever-lasting, spiritual identities.  When we leave this material-sense realm and awaken to our true spiritual realm, we will remember our original names, because we will be fully awake.  But for now, it is good to know that we have never lost our loved ones to death, for the children of Almighty God cannot die.  We leave this physical realm, but we don’t cease to be.  Our consciousness leaves the frail, material bodies behind, but no one’s spirit dies.

         So, all the unhappiness, wars, and competitions that crowd our minds are completely unnecessary.  They are games to excite children.  Our infinite God of Spirit has enough good for everyone, all the time.  We only need to learn one, easy thing: take the mental step of pursuing our Creator, and the ever-present, spiritual creation that is as near to us as our own reflection in a mirror.  God sees us as the spiritual children we really are.  God’s heavenly creation surrounds us, and there is no other place we can ever be.  For, there is no such thing as a material creation.  No other reality exists than God’s spiritual creation. 

         The biblical book of Luke tells of Christ Jesus’ answer when he was questioned about the location of God’s heaven.  It’s written:    

Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.  (Luke 17:20-22; New King James Bible (NKJV).    

         I think this means that the Kingdom of God, (which we call heaven) doesn’t exist in the outer world of material form; but rather, the Kingdom of God exists within ourselves…more precisely, the Kingdom of God is stored in our own memory banks.  This means that we already possess it, we just have to call it forward into the forefront of our thoughts, and cease searching for it in the material realm.  It’s stored in our own memories, never found in the finite world of material form.

         That makes sense, when we realizes that God, Itself, is a spiritual being, not a material one.  Heaven must be a spiritual place, with no material forms about it, at all.  That’s why our true, spiritual life can go on, for ever and ever.