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by Valenncia Moore

I saw it, one night, in a dream: this place, where
          no more lack could be.
No lack of health, no lack of time—no lack of
          goodness deep in me.
My feet stood on a fertile ground, that spread
          beyond horizon's view;
The peace and joy was in the air, and on the
          grass, like morning dew.

The sun was not a yellow ball, that hurt to look
          it in the eye.
Instead, the light was everywhere, beneath the ground,
          above the sky.
My mansion stood upon a hill, I wondered that
          it was so grand!
For I had purchased nothing here…no dwelling place,
          no plot of land.

My brothers and my sisters all, I knew at once
          now, in this place—
Their costumes and facades were gone; my own
          mask fell from off my face.
And then they saw me, waking there, and rushed
          to greet me, as before.
My heart was bursting with the love which I
          remembered more and more.

How could it be I ever left, and lost in memory
          what was mine?
What wasted time I've spent in sleep; what joyous
          bliss I've left behind.
So now, within the greater dream, of life and
          self that's sleeping still—
I know what waits for me, one day: my journey
          home, my Father's will.

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