Heaven's Door

by Valenncia Moore

Sometimes, standing on the edge of darkness, staring into the abyss,
          we hear the Voice:
"I never threw you out, you know, away from My presence; you left Me yourself, by falling asleep.
          You rebirthed yourself.
"So now in the land of material illusion you roam, seeking My love and protection…and all My power,
          believing you are separated from your Source.
"But how can you perceive Me with those eyes and ears? They don't know where we link up;
           they can't find Spirit's realm.
"My kingdom is not of this world; but it's here, just the same. Here, right where the link really is.
           Have you figured it out yet?
"Someone, a brother, once told you…(OK, it's within you)
Within the eternal You that is the consciousness that doesn't sleep.
          Your remembrance is there.
"But you'll have to rebirth yourself again, this time backward. Home can only be found by going back to it.

          What a party we'll have!

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