Freed Spirit

by Valenncia Moore

I watched the raindrops pound against
    The stubborn window pane,
And safe within my fortress walls,
    I did not fear the rain.

Nor sleet, nor mean and cold dark winds,
    That rip the soul to shreds...
The bitter tongues and lying eyes,
    That smile from charming heads.

For one small moment, I was safe;
    As safe as safe could be.
I tried to stay completely still,
    So nothing could find me.

But move I did (when rain was gone)
    To open up my door.
The sun beguiled me in a way,
    It never had before.

With whisperings of life and joy,
    That cannot be undone...
Of places singing to the heart,
    And calling every one.

So, wiser now, I do not hide
    Against the pouring rain.
I stand and let it drench my soulů
    And wait the sun again.

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