God's Companionship Heals Loneliness


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“The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying:“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.”  (Jeremiah 31:3; New King James Bible Version; NKJV).

I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”  (Psalm 37:25: King James Version; KJV). 

“Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”  (Psalm 16:11; KJV). 


         Loneliness tries to take over all of us, at sometime in our lives; yet, it has a spiritual dimension that defeats it.  For even if one has suffered a sense of loneliness for many years, this enemy to our sense of well-being can easily be defeated, once the path out of this mental isolation is perceived.

First of all, loneliness must be recognized as a false sense of being.  It is the false, material sense of reality that tries to convince us that we are separated from God, our very Source of being.  Material sense accepts nothing outside of physical parameters.  This false, material sense of reality denies spiritual truths the right to even enter our human experience.  Thus, the dark state of believing oneself to be alone is always the product of the material senses, which have not yet perceived the spiritual reality of our individual being.  The sense of loneliness comes, precisely, from the suggestion that we are alone in our own being, without any help at hand from outside material means.

Yet, loneliness is a false state of being for the simple reason that we can never be alone, nor separated, from God for even one second.  Although the material sense of life denies God’s (Spirit’s) ever-presence, omnipotence, and omniscience because Spirit isn’t perceived materially, the material sense is untrue.  False perceptions can always be reversed.  When material thoughts whisper in our ear that we are ‘on our own’ and nobody cares, or even thinks about us, we must shine the light of spiritual being on this lie.  Since loneliness is always a product of the material senses, which do not yet perceive the spiritual reality of our individual being, we can face this false state of being with one, real truth: we can never, really, be alone, nor separated from God for even one second, “for in Him we live and move and have our being.  (Acts:17;28; NKJV).

Banishing loneliness is not impossible.  Turning our thoughts spiritward, the truth of God’s forever love for us never leaves us alone. God is our forever companion who also fills our need for human companions.  When we trust this spiritual reality, our turning in thought Godward makes all things about our human experience new, even to our physical perception.  This is what is meant by ‘the word is made flesh.  It means that the spiritual truth, realized and trusted, automatically changes the erroneous physical scene back to God’s harmonious creation, which had been invisibly present with us all the time, even when we were believing it was absent.  It simply hadn’t materialized due to our own unbelief. 

Belief is a powerful thing.  We manifest our beliefs all the time, rather for bad or good.  Christ Jesus spoke of the importance of what we mentally believe while going about his healing ministry.  Revealing the spiritual power of belief, he once told a follower, “As you have believed, so be it done unto you.” (Matthew 8:13; KJV).  That’s because as children of Creative Mind, what we think is very important.  We each have the ability to manifest (bring into material form) whatever we deeply believe or fear, whether for good or bad. 

No doubt, that is why Jesus often gave the directives, ‘fear not’ and ‘believe only’ to those who came to him for healing.  On one occasion when called to heal a child, Jesus told the mother, “Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole.” (Luke 8:50; KJV).  This healing principle is not just good advice; it works because by our own thoughts we influence the material sense of our bodies and circumstances.  Fear and doubt are the mental states that work against healing all of our human problems.  Negativity is not good for the one who expresses it.

Still, despite our best human efforts, material existence can seem to be a very lonely place.  Believing ourselves to be living in a finite, material body and mind, (and therefore believing ourselves to be separated from our God-Source) we can feel alone, even though the kingdom of God is invisibly present with us, and its spiritual laws of harmony and companionship are always in operation on our behalf.

It is this false belief of ourselves as finite, physical beings that is at the root of the claim of loneliness. The erroneous belief of material reality as the truth of being must be confronted and cast out of thought.  We must put aside the world’s beliefs of physical power and law for recognition of the divine, spiritual Power and Law.  For, when turned to without doubt and fear, the spiritual Laws of God will trump whatever negative circumstances came before. 

In a broader way, the best thing we can do is to recognize spiritual reality, rather than physical being, as the actually of our own existence.  For as long as we believe our reality to be material, rather than spiritual, we are apt to fight all kinds of tribulations, without knowing the delivering power of infinite Spirit, God, on our behalf.

So, here is an important spiritual truth to realize:  We are first, last and always, the children of God, who is infinite Spirit.  When we awaken to this fact of Life, our sense of all things change; and with it our false sense of isolation from humanity begins to heal.  We begin to realize that all people in this elusive, material plane of thought are not what they seem; for although we still seem to exist as finite, physical mortals, moving about in the false sense of material families, tribes, races, and nationalities, we are really the spiritual brothers and sisters of all, underneath the outward, temporary appearances of finite form.

Perceiving this new sense of our spiritual being requires us to take a mental stand against the world’s false sense of being.  Ruminating about how miserable we are must be abolished from our thoughts.  For, unless we do this, the false sense of loneliness (believing ourselves utterly alone within our own being) begins to darken both our days and nights.

So, let’s delve a bit more into the seeds of loneliness.  Let’s look at one thing for which we can only blame ourselves.  Facing this isn’t pleasant, but it is necessary to defeat loneliness.  One  might feel great resistance to it, but it is the truth that applies to all of us.  This truth is that when feelings of loneliness first come upon us, we begin to feel sorry for ourselves and become blinded to all others who are worse off than we.  Then we mentally turn inward and decide that we have nothing good in our current lives because our families or friends of the past don’t seem to need us anymore. 

Soon, a great resentment against the people who were close to us in our lives begins to build.  Self pity takes over, day after day.  As months and years go on, our sense of being a victim increases.  Self-righteousness and self-pity will drip from every conversation we have with others.  Our life becomes joyless, not because someone did thus and so to us, but because we feel so sorry for ourselves and believe ourselves to be a victim of people and circumstances.  A strong sense of loneliness is definitely a product of the mental concentration of self-pity we entertain. 

As we shake off the world’s negativity that we’ve allowed to influence our thinking, we begin to realize that loneliness doesn’t come to us because of what other people do, or don’t do, for us.  Loneliness envelops us when we turn our thoughts only on ourselves and refuse to get out, into the world, and think of others for a change, many of which need our help and healing, if only we cared. 

To care about others and try to offer what we can to help humanity is a first step back into a fuller and more joyful life experience that banishes loneliness.  When we find someone else to make whole, or a little bit safer, or a little bit happier, our own loneliness disappears like morning fog.  So, the first step in banishing our bouts with loneliness is to rise up against self-pity and self-justification.  We must consciously banish the whole victim-mentality.  Life is new every day.  There are new horizons every day, if we only seek them.  There are new people who need us in their lives, if only we would stop trying to live in the past and give today and tomorrow a chance to unfold.  

This step in defeating the depressing trap we’ve been stuck in so long brings us back into the ‘theater’ of humanity, where we still have an important part to play.  We don’t rejoin just for the sake of our own needs.  We’ve done enough of that.  Rather, our quest, so to speak, is to care for the needs of others, now.  This is SO important, because this activity puts a cosmic principle to work in our lives that will make all things new.

Somewhere in the Bible it says that ‘it is in giving (to others) that we receive’.  (I couldn’t find the exact citation, but I know it’s there.)  So, to receive the companionship and our way out of loneliness we seek, as well as other issues of a harmonious life experience, we need to forget ourselves and start caring more about all the people who may need us. 

So, this principle is not to be dismissed.  To banish loneliness and depression we must start giving of ourself, in some way, be it attention, companionship, needful supplies, or whatever someone we know may need.  When it is in our hands to supply someone with a certain thing that he or she needs for their well-being, we should rush to do so.  For once we begin to give of ourselves to our brothers and sisters in need, we will have rejoined the divine ‘herd’ (so to speak) of which we are each a part.

Caring about the well-being of others is a healing step in so many directions.  It begins at once to bring forth good for ourselves, too.  It shows us that we are still needed and important to the whole of humanity.  It brings new beginnings into our dull, drab or dark daily lives.  We discover new talents and hidden abilities we thought we were too old to uncover.  Joy returns to both our days and nights, as we sometimes can’t wait to get up and enjoy each new day.  We find love and affection from those we help, but we no longer do it for ourselves.  We do it for them, our spiritual brothers and sisters before God.  And best of all, we find a new purpose in our daily lives that we love.

So, a good way to find our way out of this mental darkness of joyless loneliness and depression is to realize that the whole world needs us.  It needs us as companions, helpers, as teachers, and parents to those who have no parents.  The world needs us for our special talents, and all our individual abilities that we might teach to others.  There are millions and millions of people around the globe that need us to get out of our houses and comfort zones, and give what we can to others, who need us.  If we are home-bound in any way, we still have our place in God’s greater Family, Creation, Harmony and Love.  Don’t know where to start?  Just ask God.  A way will be provided for us to help others and have a richer life, even despite any current handicaps.

We also must internalize the fact that we are never alone within our own being.  No matter how alone one feels, it is still a false sense of being.  For, like a ray of light emanating from its sun-source, we emanate from infinite Spirit throughout every minute of our being.  Years of thinking otherwise have no merit.  We have always been connected to God, who is the Source of all good, including our body and mind.  The Bible tells us of God, Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”  (Psalm 16:10; KJV).

No matter how long one has mentally imprisoned oneself is the sense of isolation, it was never his or her true place or time.  As we turn spirit-ward, these common intrusions upon our God-ordained joy and happiness will fade from our daily lives, when we remember who we really are (God’s own spiritual children) and where we really are (in the invisible, ever-present kingdom of God.)

Since we can never leave our true home in divine Spirit, God, loneliness is nothing more than a senseless, illusionary state of being that we don’t have to put up with.  Our connection to God is our absolute connection with all of creation; so from a spiritual standpoint, we cannot be separated from anyone or anything in God’s everlasting creation…even when we falsely believe we can. 

Have I ever felt the sense of loneliness?  Many times, as a child.  But when lonely thoughts come to me now, I remind myself that I couldn’t, truly, be lonely, even if I tried.  Then new ideas pop into my thoughts, and any dark mood leaves.  Turning to God’s love for me has always brought new friends, or new places, into the human scene that had looked so desolate just before.

So in summary:  We can’t be a part of God’s creation if we bury ourselves within our own troubles and disappointments that stop us from giving help to others who are in need.  Helping others begins at once to get us out of the false sense of loneliness into the realization of our truer place in God’s creation.  We are always needed, in our own special way.  And once we accept this truth, the invisible, but ever-present Kingdom of God, (and our own place in it) becomes known to us again, as we cast off all negativity and reclaim our forever place, as a part of God’s Great Balance.  And as we awaken out of the dark sense of aloneness, we often find that our companions in the kingdom of God had been around us, all along.  We just hadn’t noticed them.

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