The Still Waters -- February 2004
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February 2004

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      “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, our lord.” (Romans 8: 38 & 39).

      Spiritual healing is something everyone can do, even a small child. In one way it's easy, because it has nothing to do with personal power or ability, and everything to do with understanding God's power over all, which each of us has the ability to do. The term 'healing' is really a misnomer, and a paradox occurs in this manner: to become what seems to be a spiritual healer is to understand that in God, Spirit's, only universe, there's nothing to heal. In God's creation, wholeness, ever-present harmony, eternal health and life are the rule, not the exception; they are the natural and not the unnatural. Thus, one who aspires to heal himself, herself, and others of all the discords of the flesh and daily life (which manifest in the outer world of form) is really a Seer, rather than a healer. Where others look out upon a physical universe of rules and laws, a seer mentally 'sees' the invisible realm of Spirit, ruled by the divine Intelligence, underlying the awful farce of material or physical existence, which deceives the world's population in general. The seer knows that there's a spell over consciousness--a dreamlike state--affecting everyone in this shared, mental experience of a material existence apart from God.

      This is why, in another way, spiritual healing can seem hard. For the great, mental river that must be crossed before one becomes a spiritual seer, is to realize that mortal, material existence is a mental state in all its experiences--and not the truth of being. This requires the ability or inclination to realize that things are not what they seem. It requires the comprehension that there is, in actually, no physical cause and effect and no physical laws--for God, the divine Intelligence of the universe is not just the only Creator, but the only Lawmaker as well. This requires giving up the belief in the science of physics, or material causation, (the big-bang theory) for the higher and true science of metaphysics, or mental causation. Most of our educational systems uphold the belief in physics--in fact, they're based upon it. Seeing through that generally accepted logic is the door to spiritual sight. But this door doesn't open without a mental struggle with the false, material beliefs we've come to accept as true.

      In the 80s, I was in the part-time practice of spiritual healing, and for five years in the 90s, I was, pretty much, in the full-time public practice. This means that people called me for spiritual help in meeting their health problems and other discords of daily life. What I discovered in those years was that there's a great need for people to become spiritual seers for themselves, so that they're not spiritually dependent upon others to heal them. Our only dependency should be upon God, not man. We need to learn how to trust in God's loving care, since the whole human condition screams of God's absence, rather than presence, in our lives.

      So, this website,, has come about to help meet this need in the world. Also, there are many wonderful, public practitioners out there to carry on the important healing work for others. We must each fulfill our own place in God's purpose. Concerning the articles on this website, I can only be accurate about those things which I've experienced myself--so that's what I share with the world. And I mention again, healing is really the result of seeing and realizing God's presence and power--not man's. It is beholding what God is doing to maintain the harmony, love and indestructible universe of Spirit, of which we are all a part. It's this mental sight that takes care of the discords, however long we've experienced them.

      The following account occurred a long time ago, but it speaks to God's constant, invisible presence and loving care for each of us. It shows that we're never abandoned by God's love, harmony in daily lives, or our own unique place in creation. It's not an account of healing a body, but rather it offers some light on bringing forth one's place in the scheme of things. It highlights the spiritual fact that we're never, really, alone without God, nor never without our divine circumstances, right where lack seems to be:

      Many years ago, when my husband and I were still in our twenties, there was a man, working at my husband's agency, who was approaching fifty and lost his job. Now, in those days, discrimination by age was a common practice in the work force. People in their forties, in many career fields, felt that age became a definite factor in finding new jobs. This particular individual had been in an upper-management position and even had a PhD in something. He hadn't been fired. Under an agency re-organization, his position had merely been eliminated. But everyone around him seemed to believe that, at his age, his options for ever finding another decent position were remote. There was great sympathy for this poor man, but the people who worked around him felt there was nothing anyone could really do about the situation.

      He came into my experience, one morning, when my husband and I were eating breakfast in a restaurant, and the man sat down to join us. I'd never met him before, but I was shocked at his appearance. His eyes had a tense, desperate look and he was clearly depressed. He looked ill. His clothes were wrinkled and his grooming wasn't too good. He told us that since losing his job, he'd been utterly abandoned. In fact, even his home life was falling apart, and his wife had left him. He pleaded with my husband to talk to someone, anyone, to help find him employment.

      As I watched and listened to this conversation, I suddenly felt removed from the scene, as if viewing it from a long way off. I realized that this man's sense of abandonment was part of the shared dream of God's abandonment of all of us. The man believed he was on his own, without divine help; that's why he was losing his dignity and pleading with people to help him. But shame and loss of dignity wasn't anything that God's children ever had to feel. Somehow, the man didn't know this. I could tell that he had no faith in the divine Intelligence and love--he felt utterly deserted. He didn't realize that God's children never have to beg. As I was thinking this, he even turned to me and asked if I might be able to help him in some way. I'm sure he meant for me to humanly try to find him employment. But since my way of handling this was to have faith in the divine presence and care for all of us, and since this person asking help from me seemed so broken in spirit, I resolved to help him in the only way I knew--by turning to God's ever-present love and care for him. Before he left our table, both my husband and I told the man we'd each do whatever we could.

      So, for my part, I went home that day and thanked God for his eternal love for this man, and for all of us. I spent the day thanking God. I knew my faith in God's presence and power would alter the human dream of abandonment, because I'd learned from my youth that it only takes one person to have faith in God's presence and power, in order to turn the dream of physical existence in another direction, away from the bad thing going on. In this human experience, the thoughts and beliefs of every one of us have an effect. I didn't want to join the vast current of thought that was claiming this man's plight as real--the accepted thought that was seeing this man as a victim and abandoned by God. There are no victims in God's creation; not with God's loving presence and power always at hand. So, even though I was only one individual, I was determined to use my own faith in divine love and care, to benefit this man, even if only a tiny change occurred for the better.

      The specific truths I mentally saw and declared was that this man, no matter what his age seemed to be humanly, was really God's immortal child. The same spiritual identity that was expressed by Christ Jesus, was also the spiritual identity of this man. We all have the Christ identity--our spiritual Self--within our true being. That's the thing we have to know and trust. Our real Self is the one God knows and loves forever, however much we err humanly. This individual was the son of God, not the son of man; and, as the son of God, his place in God's creation couldn't be tampered with. His place, known and upheld by the divine Intelligence and love, might change its form humanly, but spiritually speaking, he could never move or be moved out of his divine place in God's harmony and purpose for him. His immortal place in God's true creation never changes; and this security meant that his spiritual place must manifest, always, in some human position where he could do his own task in God's purpose, design and harmony.

      Now, humanly, this position or place wouldn't be constant; our human place is a fluid thing that changes with our growth and ability to do more. But one's permanent, spiritual place could never, really, result in a human condition of un-place, mis-place, or no-place. Like the number five, or like the moon in the sky, this individual, and all of us, always had and have our own place to occupy, according to God's purpose, not man's. Lack of faith in God's loving control over all might hide our human expression of this place from time to time, but it would never eliminate it. The divine Intelligence, which works through us all when called upon, was still supplying the right place for this dear one. Just as Paul the Apostle wrote to the Romans, (see quote at top of article) I was convinced that nothing could separate this person, nor anyone else, from the love of God--the love that God has for our true, Christly Self, not the inadequate, needy and often sinful mortal we seem to be.

      Possibly others were also praying, at that time, with a faith in God's invisible presence, control and love. I only know that by the end of that day, a peace had come to me that erased all fear or worry for this person. Whenever that peace comes to me, it's an indication that the specific lie of a material selfhood that I'd been entertaining again--that sense of separation from divine Spirit--has been cast out of my consciousness. So I knew that the change in that man's human situation would occur quickly, for the healing was done...the universal Christ Consciousness within was prevailing over the carnal so-called 'mind'.

      I didn't have to wait long. My husband called me from work a couple days later, to tell me an extraordinary thing had taken place during the last day or two: out of the blue, the jobless man had received a call from someone at a university in another state. It seems the man had lectured there once, and an individual from that university remembered him and said that he was the one they really needed to fill a certain position in their faculty. Would he consider relocating and joining their faculty? They would pay for the move.

      For awhile, this turn of events was the talk of the agency. “What luck and timing!” people said. But appearances of good luck are often the clearings made by the realization of God's love. They are often heaven being called down to the false, material sense of earth.

      A few months after taking the new position at the distant university, the man came back to town and we were able to see him again. I hardly recognized him. He was in a tweed jacket, hair cut, small beard grown, looking very groomed and prosperous. His wife had rejoined him, their differences resolved. His new position turned out to be better than the one he'd held at the agency. He was already considered a resident expert in his field at the university and was highly respected as a professor. And here was the irony I really enjoyed: I heard that a couple of his old working colleagues, from back in the agency, were now asking him if he could find them a job at his university! (This reminded me of a passage from the Bible, “And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail;” Deuteronomy 38:13.)

      That was the last time we saw the new professor, so many years ago. I'm quite sure he made no connection between his earlier meeting with us at breakfast and the turn his career took right after it. But I secretly knew that I was taken to that final meeting, so I could witness the results of God's love, working in his life, taking over the human experience that others believed had been one of desolation. When I got home, I remember letting the tears of joy flow, for being allowed to see God's presence and power, once again, and how it can change everything so perfectly--and how it makes nothingness out of the evil and lack that seems to be real and powerful in the human experience.

      So, here is a detailed explanation of why such healings come about humanly: Such adjustments for good, as shown in the above account, can occur because our human experience, in the flesh, is the collective belief in good and evil--two creations and two creators. Thus, things can go either way--they can get worse, or they can get better. It's the belief in a universe with both a God and a devil, each one being a super-power against the other. In the biblical account in Genesis of Adam and Eve, the original sin (or error in thinking that individuals make) is to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (a dual creation). Now, if evil actually is a reality such as good, it wouldn't be a sin to believe in it. One should always believe in reality. But evil isn't real; it's a falsity. And it's a falsity that will color everything else we believe in, bringing the bad results of our false beliefs into our experience, so that it seems very real and powerful in God's creation.

      Throughout the ages, the belief in the reality of both good and evil as belonging to God's creation, grew like a great, flourishing tree, passing from generation to generation, as predicted in Exodus 34: 7, “...visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children unto the third and to the fourth generation.” This belief in a two-sided creation, then led to the belief in God's abandonment of man and man's banishment from heaven--from man's harmonious home, body, mind and state of being. In the fleshly form of mind and identity, we don't perceive, with the physical senses, spiritual reality. We can't see God physically. We can't hear God audibly. Neither do we smell, taste, or physically touch God. Our perceptions, bounded by the physical form we've manifested, bear witness only to the forms manifested. And just as our dreams in sleep seem real (and we have no memory of our true, sleeping self or anything outside the dream) our collective, mental dream-state of material existence is bounded by the dream. Thus, the need for mental awakening to that which we do not perceive physically--the infinite, invisible realm of God, divine Spirit's realm. (This whole dream-state scenario is explained in great detail in my January 2003 article, “Sleeping in the Light.”)

      Now, even from its beginning, this belief of both good and evil as powers, led to the need for a devil, or a source of evil. Since in the original creation, God declared everything 'good', man's reasoning looked for a logical explanation and cause of evil. So soon, this devil was produced in collective thought and seen as a competitor of God, producing evil wherever it willed in God's creation. Later, it was accepted that, since God had abandoned his disobedient children, they were left to all the evils this devil produced in their human lives, be it sinful activity, sickness, poverty, loss of status, home, income, the list goes on. And see how easily individual responsibility is transferred to a mythical devil. And if a devil is natural and real, then evil is also natural and real. Thus, evil is explained, and that which is false now seems to dwell along side that which is true.

      So, to practice and experience healing in the human scene, it's time to realize that we must return, or come home, to our divine consciousness--to our Father's house. It's time to stop committing the original sin of believing in both good and evil. It's time to kick out the dualism and the devil with it. It's time to absorb the idea that knowing good and evil as dual realities isn't really knowledge or intelligence; it's a falsity about God's creation. Spiritually speaking, it's sense at all. It was never a good thing for us to accept, because as the children of God's creative intelligence, we are prone to produce in some external expression or form, whatever we deeply believe in. In fact, we usually manifest most of our evil beliefs (that's why the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy works). Fortunately for us, the evils our individual and universal beliefs manifest never have any substance in reality; they just have physical form, which can be healed, or turned back, in the direction of good.

      So, to repeat a strong point on spiritual healing: The reason we can be saved from these universal, manifested beliefs in evil is that the world of form (material creation) isn't God's true creation; it's our false perception of God's creation. The true, spiritual creation is invisibly present, and our material senses don't perceive it at all. The divine Intelligence, that still is present, will overturn the “works” of devilish evil, whenever sought out for action. But God doesn't do anything; the divine Intelligence, Wisdom, Love and Will already IS everything. It doesn't have another intelligence in creation, called a devil, to fight. That's what is meant by 'God is all-in-all.' God's creation, and our own self in it, never was harmed in any way, never in lack, never in need of correction. The healing takes place for us, when we wipe the lie of material existence, with all its evils, out of consciousness; then the physical manifestation transforms, and God's truth of being and the universe emerges into physical form, as much as it can, for infinity can't really be contained, in all its glory, in finite form. Still, whatever right change or adjustment is needed humanly, occurs.

      The devil, called satan, isn't a person or personified evil. Instead, it's the great lie and liar of material existence and separation from God, our divine Source of being. God's creation is good alone; it has no flip side. God created no devil, no power to be used against God, against anything, or anyone, in God's creation. To believe otherwise is folly. And it's time for us to see our own part in this folly; for we will produce in the human experience, whatever we hold within the deepest part of our belief system to be true. There are no destructive elements in man's innate make-up; for no one sins when in his and her right mind and comprehends the true nature of the spiritual universe, our own place in it, our own eternal inheritance and provision from our divine Parent. When we become conscious of the spiritual universe and substance we actually live in, all things are perceived differently. The sheer joy and bliss of reality doesn't make a sinner out of anyone. When fully awakened spiritually, we're all of the one, same mind--the same Intelligence as God. At the right cosmic moment, even the material sense of the universe will melt into the perception of the true, spiritual universe emerging, as the planets disappear physically and become visible in their spiritual significance, rather than material form.

      So the forms evil has taken throughout the generations of this human state of consciousness, have never become real; they just seem real to our material perception of things. These physical forms and manifestations of evil, even in behavior, never touch our true, spiritual being. They never touch our divine inheritance of everlasting provision. Anything destroyed in form can be re-produced. Christ Jesus and his disciples raised people from the dead, showing the body form to have nothing to do with our true, spiritual life in God. The forms our thinking and behavior produces are due to man's collective, mistaken, but accepted dream of creation. It's a human, materialistic view of reality, because we're still mixing good and evil in our thinking.

      Spiritually speaking, humanity's beliefs about reality are nothing; they have no power or presence to interrupt the harmony and perfection of God's creation at all. Humanly speaking, these beliefs can seem to be everything, because those beliefs for good and those beliefs for evil, will take form in our false dream of reality--the material condition. Hence, the importance of knowing and believing only the good and the true. Christ Jesus said something that I've quoted in many articles because of it's importance in showing individual responsibility for one's human experience: “As thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.” (Matthew 8: 13). To me, he's actually saying, your own acceptance of false, human belief is producing your own heaven and hell humanly, in this false state of existence. Believe (in the spiritual truth) and you will be saved from experiencing the destructions of this false level of consciousness, where evil seems as real as good, and God's loving control and power over all seems absent.

      Every single realization, or 'Eureka' moment, of God's omnipotence (all-power), omniscience (all-knowledge), and omnipresence (all-presence), has an effect somewhere. It dissipates the clouds and fog that we seemingly have in our lives, every day. It not only clears the mind, it clears the manifestations or human forms which these false beliefs in evil manifest. Someone (I don't know who) once said that we'll never really be well, until we lose the ability to be sick. I think this means we'll never enjoy our true, spiritual wholeness, health and provision until we lose our belief in a material existence, separated from God, our divine source. My prayer of desire for the new year, 2004, is that the leaven of spiritual truth enlighten a greater multitude than ever before; as the love of God for every single one of us, dawns brighter in the collective thought of humanity, bringing us into a higher awareness of the divine presence, power and love, unknown to this planet before.


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