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“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.  (Words of Christ Jesus as recorded in John 14:27; New King James Bible Version (NKJV).

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.  (Words of Christ Jesus recorded in John 16:33; King James Bible Version (KJV). 

“Your ear shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand  Or whenever you turn to the left.”  (Isaiah 30:21; NKJV).

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing.  The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” (Words of Christ Jesus in John 6:63; NKJV).


         When we gaze at the world around us, we can often feel despair at the unhappiness we find among all Earth’s inhabitants, including ourselves.  Despite the good things that come into our daily experiences, the bad things always seem to take center stage in our thoughts and attention.  Our thinking becomes riveted to whatever is wrong, and we might wonder why the divine Love of God isn’t taking better care of all the world’s problems!

         But when human conflicts cover the globe, as they are doing today, that’s a good time for each of us to stop and answer a larger question:  Just where is God in any, or all, of this world’s turmoil?  Does the Almighty exist only in the mist of our own imaginations?  And (we sometimes also wonder) where, on this Earth, is that peace Christ Jesus spoke of when he said, “My peace I give to you...”? (See 1st quote at top of article).   Yet, we ask ourselves: how can we feel peace when there are so many reasons to be upset in our daily lives, here in this material sense of being?

         The answer to these questions can make all the difference in our own, individual human experiences.  To know where God dwells, (or has Its spiritual presence) is relevant to that question.  After all, no one has seen God walk the earth; so, it seems reasonable to think that God isn’t here, where we are.  It then follows that if God isn’t here, God’s power can hardly protect us.  So, the common mental perception of God goes something like this:  ‘Since God’s present isn’t apparent in this materially human existence, we’re obviously on our own when trouble comes in the physical form of conflicts, health issues, or lack of any needed things. 

         Having come to the conclusion that we can’t find God anywhere in the physical scene, we have just dismissed the presence of God based solely upon the evidence (or lack thereof) of the five material senses of perception (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell).  We then, erroneously, live with the mental decision that the Creator can do little to help us in troubles, if anything at all, especially if we need help quickly. 

         This is the mistake that material reasoning makes.  The physical senses simply do not perceive God, the divine Presence, or the harmony of the unseen, spiritual realm of the Almighty.  Not perceiving the presence of the spiritual realm, or remaining ignorant of the fact that all Life exists only in the spiritual dimension, or realm, we remain mentally hidden from the existence of life in Spirit, which is NOT conflicted, or troubled, in any way.  The divine Creator has set harmonious functioning within us, for eternity.  It dwells within each of our own innate, spiritual consciousness every day.  We need only to realize that!

           Despite physical appearances, Life does not actually exist in a finite, material realm; so don’t be afraid to embrace meta-physics.  Meta-physics is the mental perception of reality beyond the material-seeming realm.  Life is the presence of our innate consciousness within our spiritual identities.  This deeper consciousness holds the only real truth of being that exists, on any level of existence.

         Life is the conscious awareness of spiritual, not fleshly being, even while we seem to be finite, material creatures, but are not.   Even the fleshly brain is not our mind.  It is only the material symbol of our spiritual consciousness.  The brain is the material-seeming ‘home’ of a fragile, finite mind we believe to be real, but the material brain is not our true consciousness.  Our spiritual consciousness exists outside of the fleshly body and cannot be imprisoned in a material form.

         Educated in the science of materiality, we, as citizens of Earth, have been taught to believe finite, material-seeming cause and effect as laws or realities.  But these 'rules' are really established, collective human beliefs that change, every time some 'expert' has a new idea, or theory, about what is true.   Often, we have followed these so-called material 'laws' or 'truths' to our own destruction.  

        Take our bodies, for example:  We have been taught that we ARE the physical forms of bodies.  We’ve been taught that these finite, physical forms are us.  So, believing that the fleshly form should dictate who and what we are, we become slaves to the flesh for fear it will end our life.  We treat the body form before all else, forgetting the fact that it is our  consciousness that is our essence.  Without consciousness, our flesh can do nothing.  The hand moves when we tell it to.  That's because we are not the fleshy form; we are that which activates the form.  We are the spiritual beings who activate (give life to the form) until we abandon it.

         Even death of the form isn’t our death.  Our spiritual consciousness goes on before, during and after we have used the form to enter, and interact, in this physical-seeming realm.  In this realm, or dimension, we can only be detected by others when we are ‘in’ the physical form.  The realm of materiality is like a play, or holograph. We have taken the form in order to enter the material dimension and interact with it.

         This is where Christ Jesus’ played such a starring role in the material scene.  It was his mission to come into the illusion of finite being to show us our real selves…our spiritual Selves whom we had forgotten in memory.  Someone had to come into the material realm of thought in order to correct a few things going on with the whole of humanity.  Jesus the Christ was the one.  But notice that he didn’t stay here, even after rising above the material belief in his own death.  He lingered on this human experience only long enough to show us that, like himself, we are all spiritual beings who cannot, really, die. 

         The mission of Christ Jesus was to bring the truth of spiritual being into the chaos of material belief.  He was our spiritual brother, showing us our real spiritual, not material, selves.  He preached that the spiritual kingdom of God is ever-present, right where our humanly, physical, finite material forms of everything and everyone seems to be our identity.  But his mission was much more than that.  He was showing us who we really were, are, and will ever be.

         Right where we seem to exist as material creatures, our spiritual identities (signified as the universal Christ-identity) are always right here, underlying this appearance of finite materiality.  It is our divine Selfhood; for all God’s children are divine.  This spiritual Self is our real being, never even touched by the material-body form.  Jesus, the chosen messenger, came into this collective, materialistic dream of life-in-matter to show us the way out…back to our spiritual Home (awakened state of mind) and to our heavenly realm of harmony. 

         He also came to show us the better way to live while we were here, in this material experience.   Primarily, he wanted us to follow his own path of spiritual awakening so we would remember who we really are while we are here (God’s own spiritual children, who never die.)   Then we would trust the invisible presence of the divine kingdom that we had never, really left; and then we would turn to God for deliverence of the bad things that this false, material sense of life creates.

         We are each a spiritual child (off-spring) of God alone, and we can lay claim to no other identity.  That’s why all earthly-identities pass away; they were never real to begin with.  Whatever, and whoever God has created does not die.  It is our belief that we live in the flesh which causes us to believe we must die out of it.  But our soul’s journey isn’t quite like that.  God’s children cannot die, or cease to exist.  They must only awaken out of the material dream-illusion of an existence outside of God.  The kingdom of God is more than a place we live in; the kingdom of God is a place that lives within us.  It lives within our sleeping memory of our own spiritual (Christ) identity.

         Notice this:  Every material function of the physical body-form relies on our spiritual consciousness, in order to function.  When consciousness withdraws from the physical form, the body is deserted.  Without consciousness, the body disintegrates into dust, and then into nothingness.  That’s because the physical form never existed, by itself, in the first place. 

         So, Spirit is the only life-force that exists anywhere, at anytime.  We are divine Spirit’s off-spring.  Like produces like.  Spirit does not produce finite, mortals.  Right where we appear to be finite mortals, right there we are really God’s own image and likenesses, each in uniquely different ways, but true to the laws of Spirit…not matter.

         So, our spiritual realization of Life is our mental pathway into the invisible kingdom of God.  This kingdom is ever-present, even wherever we seem to be materially.  The flesh occupies no real realm at all.  It's the stuff that dreams are made of.  The physical sense of being is the collective illusion of being.  It doesn’t perceive reality because the ever-present kingdom of God is a spiritual place.  It can’t be bound by borders owned by people, or in the ways that we physically divide up our earthly world. 

         So in summary, we need realize that the illusory material world, and universe of finite forms, all disappears into nothingness when the sleeping remembrance of our divine Home is perceived, and we discover that it was always with us.  Then all the troubles of material existence begin to disappear from our human experience, even while we are still wearing a physical form. 

         Christ Jesus was the great meta-physician who was sent into the dream of materiality to awaken us from humanity’s erroneous, collective thinking.  He walked the human path until he was completely awakened to the spiritual truth of all being; and when he had completed his mission to show mortals that life is spiritual, not material, he didn’t die again; rather, he ascended (rose above all the beliefs of material, finite being) and transformed back into his true, spiritual identity. 

         At the end of Jesus the Christ’s earthly mission, he was approached by Thomas, his disciple.  It was recorded that: "Thomas said to Him, "Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?"  Jesus said to him,  "I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me."  
(John 14:5-7; (NKJV). 

         My interpretation of his words is that Christ Jesus was showing humanity that mentally putting on ‘the Christ’ (spiritual identity) was the way to go, the truth of being, and the only form of life that actually exists—spiritual being.  It is the only way Home.  He had been chosen to make the demonstration of deathless, harmonious being; and that demonstration awaits all of us who are still here, in this material sense of being, still dreaming that we are separated from God, our divine Source. 

         No matter how many times we enter and leave this human experience, one day, when we are completely awake to spiritual reality, the dream of a duel-place of good and evil will vanish from our thoughts.  This will occur because God has no contenders.  Then, when we each are fully awake to our spiritual life in God, we all shall have realized that only God’s divine Love was ever real and eternal, and we will be Home.




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