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“Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins?  And not one of them is forgotten before God.  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”  Luke 12: 6 & 7; New King James Bible Version (NKJV).

“But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob,  And He who formed you, O Israel:  “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name;  You are Mine.”   (Isaiah 43:1; (NKJV).

“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.  Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands;”   (Isaiah 49: 15-16 to 1st semi-colon; (King James Bible Version (KJV).


         Everyone wants to feel valuable and important to the universe, in some way.  We want to be unique.  We want to know that something, or someone ‘out there’, loves and values us as a special, individual being, whom others want to know.  Furthermore, we each want to belong to the universe in a way that recognizes our own place in it, and everyone’s need for us to be here. 

         The odd fact is that we already have all these things we desire to be; we just don’t realize it because this truth is hidden beneath years of material thinking, rather than spiritual realization.  On a planet teeming with billions of people, the effort of expressing our own uniqueness through merely material channels is not an easy task.  While viewing our self as just one, insignificant individual among billions, our contribution to the whole can seem to be an exercise in futility; for the  general population gives less and less importance to individual endeavors.  As our cities and countries become more crowded, each individual seems to disappear within the mist of the masses.  No wonder we often feel unknown, unappreciated, and invisible. 

Yet, the biblical passages shown at the top of this article clearly indicate that, to our Creator, each of us is really a beloved, unique individual of the divine creation.  In spiritual fact, we are each eternally important.  We are important because divine Spirit (God) includes all identities within Itself; therefore, we are each one of God’s infinite images, or likenesses.  Since mankind is made in God’s own image (not the image of fleshly mortals) we are each a spiritual, (rather than material) child, or off-spring, of the infinite God, in whom all identities dwell.

So, when we fail to identify ourselves rightly, (as God’s spiritual off-spring, rather than finite, material beings) we often feel useless and unimportant to the world.  And when we don’t yet perceive the spiritual side of life at a deep enough level, we go on mis-identifying ourselves, without a clue.  We take the material sense of things as reality, and accept all the gloom and doom mortality claims to offer.  Because of this materialistic view of ourselves, we, unintentionally, accept, without question, all the negative turns that our daily lives present to us.

So, in order to change things for the better in our temporary, human experience, we must take our mental sense of things to a new, more spiritual level; and we need to see God’s place in our lives, in order to change our human experience for the better.  We must add the fact of the divine, invisible Presence and God’s sovereign, harmonious law into our equation of reality and allow this spiritual perception to correct our human problems.  Then we can stop dwelling upon the material chaos that is raging around us, and instead, allow the divine Harmony to operate on our behalf.  When we take this mental step God-ward, positive changes take place that begin to erase the negative conditions of materiality that seem to be out of control, but are never spiritually out of divine Spirit’s harmonious control.

         So, how does all this relate to the more positive sense of self that we need for a fuller, more satisfying human life experience?  Here is an example of just one, spiritual truth that can change our whole life experience.  Ponder this for a few days, until you remember it:  We are each a spiritual creature who needs to be shared.

         Don’t think this is a frivolous statement.  Let me explain it.  We each have, within our spiritual selves, talents that are greatly needed in the world.  Yet, we often dis-allow the moment when our own, individual talents and value begin to shine in the world.  This occurs because we’ve not shared with others our abilities and talents (like painting that inspirational picture we visualize in our mind’s eye, or finally writing that inspiring song that keeps coming to our thought, or serving at a breadline in our city, or whatever else comes to our thought that can benefit others.) 

         We often keep our valuable uniqueness, however humble it may seem to be, away from the whole world we’re existing in, right now.  Unless we share ourselves in some way with the world, we are still  hiding our unique talents, abilities, love, and self-expression, away from the whole of creation.  Living only within ourselves, sharing ourselves with no one, we will have impoverished ourselves emotionally, leaving little room for happiness. 

         Christ Jesus brought to humanity two Great Commandments with a very simple message: we should love God, the Creator, and love all others, including ourselves.  These two, simple directives replaced the ancient Ten Commandments, because if we obeyed the great Principle of universal love, we would automatically be obeying the “thou shalt not” earlier commands.  By loving all, we would certainly love God, our Creator.  Loving God, all our world neighbors, and ourselves, we wouldn’t lie, cheat, steal, kill, nor covet what wasn’t ours.  Loving others as ourselves, we wouldn’t violate marriage vows nor destroy our own children before they are brought forth from their incubation in the womb. 

         Loving God and all creation is really the whole of God’s sermon.  When reversing the ten commandments from the ‘thou shalt not’s’ LOVE covers them all; for, when we love God, all others and ourselves, we would never break a spiritual principle.  LOVE is the great principle that God asks of us…just that.  Love is a giving-out of the self.  It is the sharing of whatever good is within ourselves.  It’s the best medicine there ever was…not just for the receiver, but for the giver.  So, by not expressing the individual abilities within ourselves, by keeping them out of the world, we are simply depriving the world of our unique talents, abilities, and individual value to the whole. 

         But most of all, by NOT sharing our own uniqueness with the world, we have buried our own uniqueness and hidden it from ourselves.  We’ve kept away all the joy, sense of value, and fullness of life that we could have had in our human experience…those things which make us appreciate who we really are (God’s own children).   By not sharing ourselves with all humanity, our unique talents and abilities stay buried within us, to think and dream about, but never do…and they are lost from the world stage because we didn’t do them, in our own unique, way.

This is one reason why, at times, depression comes upon us.  We have lived within a false, material sense of self, which is always a limited view.  So, I repeat:  We are spiritual creatures who need to be shared.  We have to let our higher self out, in amongst the greater population, or we will not do much sharing of ourselves, nor reap the benefits to our own well-being that is so necessary for us to have. 

But, admittedly, our spirits sometime get down, making us feel that we’ve failed in life, somehow, and can’t recoup.  Mine, too.  But this is that dark, material sense talking; for, our spiritual sense knows better.  When we turn our thoughts Spirit-ward, the sun comes out, so to speak.  So, those times when I feel down, or a bit depressed, I remember this prayer to God from the Bible: “You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11; (NKJV).   

Then I follow whatever constructive action comes to me to do; for I remember that our God-given ‘fullness of joy’ may be temporarily hidden from our material sense of things, but it is always invisibly present in the universal Christ Consciousness that is within us all, ready to come forth, in some way.  Then I wait a few moments until an answer, or direction, comes forward in my thoughts.  In many situations, the need to do something loving and caring for others has pulled me out of  some depressive times when I’ve been self-absorbed.  As I said, like most people, I’m still a work-in-progress.

We often do what we believe we have to do to overcome some lack, or some bad situation, when the only thing we really need to do is remember God’s ever-presence and unfailing, harmonious control over all.  Our right pathway, pleasures and fullness of joy, come forth in thought when we realize their ever-presence.  God is our everlasting Source of being, within us always.  Divine Harmony is only hidden to our material sight; it isn’t hidden to God.  But we have to KNOW that; for, if we accept the material scene before us as our only reality, then we act out of that limited, material assessment of our circumstances and miss God’s blessing in the process.

 There is no lack, or bad situations, in the ever-present kingdom of God, which is invisibly present at all times.  When we turn to that correction of our ‘sight’, the material scene will turn around, back into the harmony of existence that exists in God’s spiritual creation, and whose kingdom never ends.  Sometimes all it takes is a tiny leap of faith for a bad situation to suddenly correct itself.  As one gets practiced in that realization, our human lives become more and more harmonious.  

In God’s invisible, spiritual creation, all things are good.  No ‘bad’ or lack of good, exists.  This harmonious state of being is our forever Home.  But to reach that home, one doesn’t have to die physically, (although that is the collective belief of religions around the world) for, in truth, there is no death in God’s forever Home. 

We are always living in the kingdom of God, whether or not we are spiritually awake to that fact.  Just as Lazarus walked out of the grave when Christ Jesus called him to ‘come forth’ and awaken from his sleep, (his dream of death) all can do this when in a spiritually-enlightened state, as Lazarus was when Christ Jesus healed him of his belief in death.  

Metaphysically speaking, physical death is not a permanent ‘condition’, for it can disappear with the coming of the light (one’s own Christly-identity dawning in thought, rather than accepting the false Adam or Eve identity).  When responding to the spiritual enlightenment of Christ Jesus, Lazarus received the mental illumination that real life is deathless, which awakened him from the mortal dream of death, and showed that life, itself, is spiritual, not material.  This applies to each and every individual’s eternal, spiritual life, even while still ‘in the flesh’.

 But, that is the key, you see.  We must realize that our true individuality is a spiritual identity; it was never, really material to begin with, so we really don’t have to die ‘out’ of matter to awaken to our spiritual individuality.  When all humanity finally awakens out of our collective belief in death and mortality, people will ascend (awaken) to the spiritual realm of the Almighty, as Christ Jesus, our way-shower, demonstrated. 

That is the seeming-secret we each must learn, however, before our human experience changes more dramatically to one of harmony and a more fully-abundant daily life.  We are, and always shall be, God’s spiritual children, who are currently sleeping in the collective dream of materiality.  As each one, step by spiritual step, awakens out of this material ‘sleep’, we’ll discover that we were Home, all along, for the kingdom of God is the only, real place there is. 

And although we may not always know the good we do while here, in this human experience, God’s plan has always included each and every one of us.  So, go your way, sharing yourself with this temporary, finite world.  For there’s only ONE of you, and the materially-sleeping world still needs you to shine.




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