Entertaining Angels, Unawares    
August 2013

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      "Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." (Hebrews 13: 1-2; King James Bible Version (KJV).

     In my November 2010 article on this website, I wrote extensively on the subject of angels…who or what they are in this human experience. Throughout history, from biblical accounts to those of our present time, angelic encounters have ranged from detecting that 'still small voice' of the Christ Consciousness, (which dwells within us all) and specific accounts of physical contact with angelic individuals. Thus, whatever form or way one has experienced an angelic encounter, I make no judgment as to its authenticity. It doesn't matter how this celestial contact was made; the important thing is that it was a direct contact, or conduit, to that infinite Mind we call God.

     Angelic experiences prove humanity's very link to God. It is a communications device by which our spiritual Source and Creator presents a message to be delivered from the realm of Spirit to individuals in this collective dream of material existence, who do not yet fully perceive spiritual reality. Every single, ancient account, and every single modern-day account of an angelic visitation, has one thing in common with all others: every encounter is characterized by some message that was to be delivered into the material experience from the realm of the divine. In that way, it proves that we each have a direct link to God through these angelic contacts, even when we didn't know it.

     When troubles and other important moments in our daily lives seem overwhelming, we sometimes sense divine help to be near when we can't yet see it physically. But there are many divine avenues through which God's heavenly messages can reach us. For example, if we are in trouble and can't humanly find a way out, our help and deliverance may come from one of many possible ways: someone may contact us and show us how to fix our problem…or we 'feel' like we should read a certain book that solves the problem…or we can actually dream the answer while sleeping…the list goes on. All of these things are angelic thoughts because they deliver us from the evil we are experiencing. Good thoughts from within our own, innate Christ Consciousness turn us at once in new directions that heal much of our earthborn woes.

     Yet, there are other types of angelic visitations. Some divine contacts take a humanly, super-natural turn. They seem to defy, quite boldly, the material sense of things. And even when we receive the divine messages we were meant to have, we often withhold telling others of our unusual occurrence because we expect others to think we're crazy.

     One comes to mind that I may have written about before: Several years ago my husband and I were on a trip, a few hundred miles away from home. On a highway, we were traveling in the right-hand lane, when a car coming down a ramp-way over our head and to the right, sailed off the descending lane it was on and sped, within seconds, straight down the ramp hill toward us. It looked as though we wouldn't be able to slow down enough to miss it, or rather, avoid it hitting us.

     My only thought was something like, 'we're always safe in God's love.' Our own car had finally come to a complete stop off the side of the road, and the next second, the car sailing toward us hit something on the bumpy ground and flew up into the air, changing its trajectory slightly. It landed on the ground, just off the highway literally parallel with our car and inches from my car door.

      We quickly got out of our own vehicle and ran back to get the two people out of theirs. The woman came out easily, but her husband (who was driving) was trapped. So, it took about five minutes to get him out too. We couldn't leave him in the car because the car was still running, and smoking, and we were afraid it would explode with him in it. Thankfully, that didn't happen. They were both uninjured, but a bit shaken from the ordeal.

      We had only a moment to talk with them after they were safely away from their car, when suddenly a police car seemed to come out of nowhere. There was no traffic on the highway, at the time, and we should have seen it approach on the road behind us. Just seconds before the police arrived, a man walked down the hill and said he saw the accident from the road above us, but could not call the police because he couldn't get a signal on his phone.

     This is when it got really strange. As we walked toward the police vehicle, the female officer jumped out of her car and told me to quickly get back into our car, with my husband, and drive away. She didn't even ask our names. I asked her if she wouldn't need us for the insurance claim, but she became agitated and said to "go…go…go." She said something to me like, "You shouldn't be here. You have to get away from this. Leave this to us." Her male partner hung back, and I don't recall him talking at all. Their behavior made no sense to either me or my husband; she didn't even know us, or want any information about the accident in the form of our names, address or anything. But she literally pushed me to our car. So, we left.

     All the way home, we were trying to figure out what had just happened. I don't (to this day) think they were real police, even though they were dressed as police and had a police car. No police would ever act like that at an accident scene. I'm not sure I even believe that the two police officers were real people. 'Were they possibly angels in the flesh, clearing away the scene?' I asked myself. Also, I've never seen a car leap into the air, like it did, and land in a perfect spot just parallel to a vehicle, which was about a foot away from it on my side. What a perfect landing!

     It has been about eight years since that accident experience, but there is no question in my mind that this wasn't a 'natural' near-accident occurrence. I believed that we were delivered from what was to have been an accident that would have killed me and at least hurt my husband, who was in the driver's seat. I also think that their car would have exploded if it hit us. Instead, although their car was quite damaged, we were all safely delivered.

     This experience of such split-second deliverance showed me that every prayer to God is answered in whatever way it must be answered, given the time and material circumstances, which are unique to every situation. From the time that car left the ramp to the time it landed near my car door was only a minute or two. I only had the time to pray and trust God. But, as it turned out, that was all that was needed.

     So often in our daily lives, we try to limit that power and possibilities of the Almighty Spirit we call God. But the longer I'm here in this human experience, the more I know that projecting our own limitations upon God is just plain silly. The human 'condition' of materiality and finite-seeming life is not the greater reality of our being, at all. The material scene does not limit our spiritual identities, places or things in the eternal harmony that exists in Heaven, our forever home, which we have left only in belief. In spiritual reality, we have never left our heavenly home (circumstances) and the divine harmony of God's forever creation is always intact, unaffected by material events, and our own, faulty sense of reality.

     In my lifetime, I've had other types of angelic experiences, but none as baffling as that near-fatal car episode. I mean, these two officers seemed so real, and yet almost nothing about them and their behavior was credible…not what they said or did. Like actors on a stage, they just looked the part…like they have been commissioned at the last minute to go on stage, and so they were struggling with their performance.

     Still, four lives were saved that day. My husband tells me not to look back. Just let it be. Yet, I keep wondering if we had possibly witnessed angels-in-the-flesh, as some of the ancient, biblical accounts of the Bible portray. I have never had that particular kind of spiritual experience before.

     In Genesis, Chapter 19 of the Old Testament, there is an extensive account of two angels who visited Lot and his family. The two angels appeared in the flesh, not only to Lot and his family, but, evidently, also to Lot's neighbors who wanted them to come out of Lot's house and party, so to speak. Clearly, the angels were described as 'two men' who appeared in the flesh and were seen by many people, at that time. Lot and his family were protected from the destruction, except for his wife who, as described in the biblical account, looked back upon the evil place she was leaving and turned into a pillar of salt. (I'm not sure what the salt represents, but I think it might have been a symbolic reference to being frozen or struck down with fear.)

     The result of this particular angel visit was the destruction of the cities Sodom and Gomorrah for the 'inquity' which prospered there; yet those who were innocent of the behaviors of the two cities escaped with Lot and his group. It's a long story in Chapter 19, and I use it here because it is one of the more thorough biblical accounts of angels appearing in the flesh.

     My own curiosity about whom or what angels really are, however, matters little concerning these various, celestial ones. What is so much wiser to pursue is the importance which angels represent for all of us still here, in this false, material sense of reality. For, in whatever form an angelic visitant appears or contacts us, can God be very far behind? Are we really permanently separated from our Creator so that we will always need intervention by celestial go-betweens in order to communicate, back and forth, with God, who is our everlasting Source of all good? I think not.

     The greater importance of angels is really that they are wondrous links to our heavenly, divine Source and Origin…our divine Father/Mother. They are carriers of divine messages, that are able to smooth our days in this earthly, often hostile experience, until we awaken spiritually to who we really are (God's own everlasting, spiritual children) and where we really are (the spiritual kingdom of God and no place else).

     These celestial servants of God are like the keepers of a nursery, who whisper words of comfort and direction to the needy ones, and take care of the little ones who do not yet know how to care for themselves. Angels are like representatives of our ultimate Parent, so they watch over us while we are still asleep to our spiritual identities. For while asleep in this dream of finite, material existence, we do not perceive the greater reality of our existence, out there, beyond the mental doors of our confinement.

     Thus, how, when, or where we encounter angels may not be the most important aspect of their presence and availability to us. Why we encounter them is the greater issue. We find them at times when we need the endless love of God they represent to break into the material scene, before our blinded eyes, and open them a bit. Angel thoughts and angelic visitors turn the bad into good again, pointing out that certain way, which we are failing to see. We need these angels of God for what they do for us, right here where we dwell, in this false, material sense of things. They bring the message, or knowledge, we need to know for our own good. They are commissioned to be with us here, in this false sense of reality, until our spiritual sense awakens more fully and we can each see beyond materiality. Only then can these celestial caregivers move on.

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